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    Because I will buy a new car, I need a little more money;) 

    So I sell some of my customs.

    All are in good condition, the swords of Bludgeon are a little tired.

    Jetfire is complete with minigun, stick, the cockpit-parts and the Optimus Prime gun, its not on the pictures. Its one of my best customs ever!

    Starscream is in G1-colours, he got arm-mod, so he can move his arms a little bit more than before.

    Mixmaster got after taking the ebay-photos more drybrush on his bot-parts.
    Its looks realistics.

    Jolt in Bugatti colours is complete with spoiler and energon-key.

    All figures are painted by me!

    I become much accolade in forums (like this) and by friends.

    Please look at the pictures, you know that I can´t paint like the painting-machine by Hasbro, but for selfmade paintjob its good!

    Please contact me by questions. Next time I sell other customs, like ROTF Long Haul in yellow, Leader Megatron in silver and Universe Onslaught in ROTF-style.:dj 



    Transformers Movie ROTF Leader Jetfire > Einzelstück! bei Transformers (endet 14.03.10 19:00:54 MEZ)

    Starscream G1:


    Transformers ROTF Voyager Starscream G1-Farben CUSTOM bei Transformers (endet 07.03.10 16:12:02 MEZ)



    Transformers Movie ROTF Voyager Mixmaster 3-Modi CUSTOM bei Transformers (endet 07.03.10 16:05:47 MEZ)

    Please look to my other auctions!

    The articles are all in germany by me, so when you buy it, I send it with "Deutsche Post / DHL" (german post) and it will cost 14€ (19$) to ship to USA and some other countries outside the EU (uninsured). Shipping to United Kingdom is arround 8 pounds. Insured shipping to USA is 35€ (48$).

    So its cheaper, when you buy more then one figure, because shipping costs is always identical.

    So if you are interessted, please contact me for more informations!

    Greetings from Germany, Florian

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