RotF Break Away Quick Fix (No Cutting Needed)

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Blitz., May 30, 2009.

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    So I got my cool Break Away toy today but I was a little let down that it seemed like his head was locked in place (might have been just mine but just incase any one else has this issue). Seeing as it had screws in the back of his head I had a little look inside and low and behold I found it rather easy to fix (and I'm no kitbash/custom toy kinda guy)

    ok so all it takes is 3 easy to find screws taken out to open up the torso I found that screws had little resistance and everything was loose inside (huzaa)

    as we can see the glass cockpit window and the chin are right up agaist each other locking the head in place (lame)

    So now take out the glass (mine actually fell out as I opened the toy) and pull up his head (thats on a ball joint as well...)


    now we could fix this in 2 ways 1 cut into the chin or glass or 2 just loosen up the back of the head a tad and tilt his head. I personally went with the less permanent choice but cutting the plastic might me more effective.

    Ok now to put him back together and this is the key part of this mod. As you place the glass back in make sure the chin fits into the area inside that little bit of glass (or is at least pointing up)

    and now you just bolt him all together and your done Awesome pose time


    also another cool side effect is being able to hide his sad sad puppy eyes
    just turn his mug around and push down

    Teh lame

    Teh Cool

    you don't have to cut anything to replicate my pictures just move the head up a tad. But cutting a larger area for the head to move might give a better result (its not something I've done tho so I cant confirm anything)
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