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    After a few months of waiting to find Elita-1 and a few weeks to have it and my Arcee and Chromia figures in the same place, I figured out a halfway-decent way to combine the three of them in a way that somewhat resembles this concept art:


    This is what I came out with:


    (Apologies for the blurry picture; the only camera I had that I could get working was my phone camera.)

    So you're probably wondering how I did that. Well, whether you are or not, here's how:


    1. Starting with Chromia in bike mode, first open the blue side and top panels and separate the engine to bring out the arms, just like transforming to robot mode.
    2. Pull out the head and turn it 180 degrees, then put it back and close the torso halves together again.
    3. Fold the license plate panel against the gun on the gun arm and bend the elbow joint (I use the word "elbow" loosely) so that the blue panel inside the gun moves.
    4. Bring the gun arm into the middle so that it sits above the torso and connect the other arm using the same pegs that hold the arm to the gun in bike mode, then close the blue side panels in.
    5. Fold in the seat panel in so that it snaps between the two long horizontal tabs that keep the gun in place in bike mode, then fold the rear wheel down so the fender meets the seat panel.
    6. Orienting the figure so that the combination peg/wedge is on top, fold the front wheel down as far as it will go (this should be in the opposite direction of the gun arm).
    7. For display stability/holding Chromia in place while you work on the other bikes, clip the gun/treads attachment to the rear wheel "arm"s hinge. The bike should stand on its own front wheel and the treads of the attachment.


    1. Starting with Elita-1 in robot mode, first fold up the foot-wheel (bike's rear wheel) as far as it will go, so the fender meets the seat panel.
    2. Close down the shoulder panels (folding the arms as necessary to do so). Also, now's as good a time as any to rotate the headlight/handlebar piece around 180 degrees; it will act as a spacer between the torso and lower parts.
    3. Fold the overhead wheel (bike's front wheel) as far back as it will go.
    4. Rotate the small arm 180 degrees at the shoulder hinge (the part not covered by the side panel), then rotate the engine detail panel on that arm into its vehicle mode position.
    5. Bend that arm at the elbow as far as it will go, such that the detail panel sits in the crook of the elbow, then put that arm/panel flat against the front wheel.
    6. Rotate the gun arm about 120 degrees at the shoulder hinge (again, the part not covered by the side panel), and rotate the head 180 degrees. The idea is that the "top" of Elita-1 is now the front of the robot.


    1. Starting with Arcee in robot mode, fold the combination peg/wedge (on her back) as far down as it will go, the rotate her head 180 degrees and fold it down against that peg.
    2. Rotate the right arm (with the blade/gun) 180 degrees so it points up.
    3. You may not have noticed this before, but the motorcycle fairing on her left shoulder can split and move somewhat, with the left half of the fairing (from the rider's perspective) being on a hinge. So open that up and fold it out as far as it will go; the halves of the fairing should be pointing opposite directions.
    4. Rotate the shoulder joint that lifts/lowers the arm so that the left hand can just about reach the gun on the right forearm.
    5. Unfold the bike kibble that's folded around the left forearm; it can kinda-sorta clip together with the back of the right arm gun, so do that as best as possible.
    6. Fold up the leg so that the wheels are positioned above the rest of the figure. I found the easiest way to start was by rotating the first hinge after the ball joint with the torso by 180 degrees, then fitting the rest into place by eyeballing it.

    Once all three bikes are transformed as specified above, you should be able to connect the pegs/wedges and position them in such a way that you get something resembling my combined mode.

    I know the head isn't centered on mine, but it's not really centered on the concept art either; I tried to get mine as close to that position as I could manage and only fell somewhat short of the position in the concept art. Other than that, I feel this is about as faithful an interpretation of the art as can be managed with the figures that were released, though I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

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