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    Hello Again Everyone, Welcome to Romeosrealmshop,
    NEW ARRIVAL IN THE TRADE SHOP: THunderCracker DOTM MINT Reviewed for you in pictures 8. MY favirote!!! What an excellent Add On to any collection, let me know if you Need em. As the Post says, everything you see is my Entire "On Hand" Collection and It's all 4 Trade Ladies and Gentlemen.
    We have here a few selections(My Entire Collection) for everyone to Look at For Trade. I have them displayed in my own kind of Romeosrealmshop fashion so that you can enjoy each selection and every second of your Browsing Time.

    Everything in the Pictures is for Trade And, I'm always Looking for Things to go into the BoneYard Pick. Take A Look at that BoneYard Pick of G1 Jet Parts and Tf accessories and If you think You have a Lot of Parts and accessories that you feel I would like to add to that then Let me know in my Wanted Transformers Thread. Everything in the Pics is for Trade Ladies and Gentlemen.

    THe First Few Pictures show you the Preview of the Robot Masters-13:Smoke Sniper rm-13 Decepticon Being Unsealed. As you can see, the Guy is Brand new and all Mint. Him and all his Peers Pictured are up for grabs for Trade and Offers. I'd like to hear from ya if there is anything you have concerns or questions about. Everything in the PIctures is Currently reserved for Trade Specifically in this Thread except the two Knock Outs. If you are interested in the Two Knocks then Act fast, they are listed Currently on my E-bay account and Priced very affordably.

    So, the Pic of all the Parts is my "BoneYard" PIcture. I help you get your Jets Fixed and back in the Air. Everything in the "BoneYard" Pic is Certified and Authenticated G1 Vintage Og Merchandise except the sideswipe gun laying beside the TrailBreaker Leg and the Excellently Conditioned 2002 Starscream Body. Let me know if there are any questions, ill assist Promptly.

    The Pictures of Smoke Sniper are for you to get a real good Look at him from every angle. Remember, the Pictures are actually a Review of him being unsealed for you Ladies and Gentlemen so this Guy is brand new and Re-sealable. I consider him the Exclusive Selection Of the Bunch for Now. He came out of my 2004 20th anniversary g1 Collection if that helps him any.

    The other Pictures Ladies and Gentlemen of the Autobots and Such is My "AutoBot Lot" Pictures. This is my Autobot Lot up to Par. It has all of my Selections I have avaliable Lined up similiar to that of a real Life Car Lot so that you may Have the extra Kick here Choosing Your Vehicle Form. Let me know if there is a Certain Transformer here you couldnt manage to retail. Romeosrealmshop retailed em' for ya. A few of the Vehicles(ironhide & Starscream) in the Autobot Lot are Cyberverse and other Models. If you feel comfortable in the Drivers seat or CockPit, Then you can Fly or Drive away in it Today, at Romeosrealmshop. Let us know which Vehicle Mode you need to change into. The ThunderCracker in the Autobot Lot is all 100% g1 Original Vintage and I have all of him except his fists and Missiles and machine guns. All of him is in Excellent Condition except his back right Rudder, its only in acceptable Conditions.

    The Energon Cards in the "AutoBot Lot" are all There. Full Box. Very nice. This is the SkyWarp Display Box too. Very Rare. Box has Wear though but Still, everything else is 100% Comletely Mint. Cards retailed $2.00/Pack.

    So, I guess this covers about everything up for trade here, except the Transformers two-disc Special Edition edition Dvd. If anyone needs it, let me know, Its very Nice, sealed 100% mint Condition. The Original release Too.

    Most of My transformers have there boxes Actually still in Mint Condition as well and some of them dont so, We'll have to consider conditions of packaging and specific Trading Measures as we Consider Interests.

    Please Enjoy Viewing the Shop Ive set up for ya here Transformers World, A great Sight of Great Tf fans Deserves a Great Trading experience.

    Nice Little Picture of me there for you guys, Thats Just me doin an AfterNoon Battlescar check. Let me know if you guys wanna have the Mask ready for Next Halloween. It's for Trade too but for now, The Emblem of Romeosrealmshop's Transformer Realm Shop. We will add More to the List/Pics of Trade items as we can or can afford too Ladies and gentlemen, I got A Few New TF's Today and will add them to the Trade stash This evening Possibly.

    Hope to hear from everyone Real Soon and Thanks for your responses. All and Any Offers are Atleast Acknowledged and Welcomed at Romeosrealmshop.


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