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Discussion in 'Junkion Exchange Feedback' started by Roger Semerad, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Post your thoughts on any purchases you have with me here. To any potential future buy/sellers on the boards, I look forward to doing business with you!
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    Feedback for Roger Semerad

    Well first off, I'm glad to be leaving the 1st feedback note for Roger Semerad because if our transaction was any indication, I think there'll be plenty more good words to follow. Along with being super polite & professional throughout, he was patient with the fact that our package got held up in customs for a few days (oppose to being as quick as we'd hoped), and he always made sure to work me to clarify as much as possible before either of us could be in a position of uncertainty. He even took it upon himself to look into the exact science of how Paypal calculates its fees & whatnot for the sake of not shorting me even a penny, sent his money right away, and regardless of being new to the Junkion world, he never left me with a worry.

    So yeah, I'm not really sure what else to write here except that it was an overall good experience, that I'm glad he's happy with the figure, and that I wouldn't hesitate to approach him for anything in the future.


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