Rodimus Minor: The Movie- Script

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    Rodimus Minor the Movie

    This is my second fanfiction. Tell me what you think.

    Place: Cybertron and neighboring asteroid + Lugnut's ship

    Characters(in order of appearance): Optimus Magnus, Rodimus Minor/ Prime, Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl, Shockwave, Soundwave, Lugnut, Blitzwing

    Continuity: One year after the ending of the Transformers Animated cartoon.


    (Rodimus Minor walks up to Optimus Magnus)

    RODIMUS MINOR: You wanted to see me Optimus Magnus?

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Yes, Rodimus. You see, after you got demoted to Minor for lack of action--

    RODIMYS MINOR: I had cosmic rust!! I was physically incapable of doing ANYTHING!!

    I don't even know WHY they demoted me!!!

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Uh-huh. I've managed to get you on a mission. This one's a good one, too. I've also got a new team. They're from Earth.

    RODIMUS MINOR: You mean like Bumblebee or Prowl?

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: No, the Dinobots.


    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Oh, and you're a Prime again.

    RODIMUS PRIME: SWEET!!! What's my mission?

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: To find Shockwave. He's escaped.

    RODIMUS PRIME: Ooh! Sounds like fun!

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Probably not. GO!!! NOW!!!

    RODIMUS PRIME: Yeah, yeah...

    SCENE 2

    (we see Rodimus Prime with the Dinobots)

    RODIMUS PRIME: Okay, Dinobots. As your commanding officer, I--

    GRIMLOCK: Shutup stoopid. Me Grimlock commanding officer NOW!!!

    RODIMUS PRIME: No you're no--

    (Grimlock easily beats up Rodimus)


    RODIMUS PRIME: That's an over-used homage line!!

    SWOOP: Me swoop have located Shockwave.


    RODIMUS PRIME: Hey, we need a battle strategy!

    (Grimlock, Swoop and Snarl fly off[don't ask me how Grimlock and Snarl fly, that's for the director] )

    RODIMUS PRIME: Ugh. (He transforms and drives off)

    SCENE 3

    (we see an asteroid with Shockwave on it. Then the dinobots show up and he turns)

    SHOCKWAVE: I've been expecting you!

    (Rodimus Prime shows up)

    RODIMUS PRIME: C'mon, guys!!!(pant) Slow down will ya?!(pant)

    SWOOP: Me swoop kill you!

    (Swoop lashes out at Shockwave. Shockwave dodges.)

    SHOCKWAVE: Lugnut, start up the gravitational pull. Goodbye, Autobots!!!


    (Shockwave starts to fly upwards via gravitational pull from Lugnut's ship. Rodimus Prime's spoiler transforms into lame wings and he starts to fly after Shockwave. Shockwave+Rodimus Prime have epic duel in the air. Shockwave, at the end of it, grabs onto Rodimus Prime's head and starts to crush it.[Rodimus Prime's head]).

    SHOCKWAVE: You're fool of a took, Rodfimus! You deserve to die as much as I do.

    RODIMUS PRIME: No... I... (He punches Shockwave, and Shockwave drops Rodimus Prime)

    (Rodimus falls to the ground belly side up. He starts reaching towards the light as he accepts his death and he sees The Well of all Sparks. Suddenly he awakens, and his color comes back [Transformers turn gray when they die])

    SWOOP: Swoop saved your life. No problem.(this is not a typo; the Dinobots talk in the third person)

    GRIMLOCK: That was pathetic. Me Grimlock declare you dumb.

    SNARL: Dumb%&#

    SCENE 4

    (We see a door that is inside Lugnut's ship. Shockwave enters through the door)

    SHOCKWAVE: Oh hello,...(the camera zooms out to where you can see the entire room. On the ground is a horribly mutilated Soundwave)

    SHOCKWAVE: Soundwave!!!(the DUM DUM DUM music plays)

    SOUNDWAVE: Kill me... please...

    SHOCKWAVE: Sorry, still experimenting. Believe me, though, my old friend, I want to. Oh, how I want to. We've been through so much together this last year. We know eachother so well... we're best of friends. Which just makes your death that much sweeter to me when I get to cause it.

    SOUNDWAVE: Fair enough.

    SCENE 5

    (We're back at the asteroid. Rodimus Prime is sitting on a rock, Swoop is standing alone in deep thought, and Grimlock + Snarl appear to be playing a board game)

    RODIMUS PRIME( voice over): As Swoop contemplates the meaning of life, Grimlock and Snarl are playing a game of GO. I try to decide how we're going to catch Shockwave. I look around at my team and realize it's not even MY team!! It's Grimlock's!! I need to make a STAND!! I wanta be leader of the Autobots one day, right?!Then if I do THIS, I'll have enough courage for ANYTHING!!!

    RODIMUS PRIME: Okay, Grimlock! Optimus put me in charge! So I'm gonna be in charge!!

    GRIMLOCK: Cocky little fool! Me Grimlock gonna KILL you now!

    (Grimlock lunges at at Rodimus Prime only to be beaten up by him)

    RODIMUS PRIME: You two (looking at Gnarl and Swoop), figure out ho w to get to Shockwave's ship! Now!

    (Swoop looks like he's in deep thought)

    SWOOP: Figured it out.

    RODIMUS PRIME: Good. C'mon, Swoop, lead the way!

    (Swoop flies off as Grimlock, RP, and Snarl follow)

    SCENE 6

    (Back on Lugnut's Ship)

    (Shows an area where there's a hole in the ground of the ship)

    (RP, G, S, Swoop come into the ship and get in battle positions)

    RODIMUS PRIME: Come out Shockwave!!

    (Lugnut and Blitzwing show up)


    (Epic battle sequence where Lugnut+ Blitzwing get beaten and handcuffed. Ther're knocked out.)

    SCENE 7

    (cuts to another room on the ship where Optimus Prime and Shockwave, disguised as autobot Longarm, are talking to each other)

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Pleasure doing business with you Autobot Longarm Prime!

    SHOCKWAVE(Disguised as Longarm Prime): No problem! (He transforms into Shockwave) HA 'TIS ME, SHOCKWAVE!

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: NO! I should've seen this coming!

    SHOCKWAVE: Ha!! It's time to reveal my master plan!!OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Uuuh …

    SHOCKWAVE: I killed Ultra Magnus, which made Sentinel Prime leader! Then, you became leader! Making me 12th in line in becoming Autobot's leader! Once I kill you, I'll kill Alpha Trion, who's next in line to become Autobot Leader! Next is Nexus Prime, so I'll kill him. Then Vector Prime. Then –

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: I get it. You'll slowly move through the ranks of the Autobots, disguised as Autobot Longarm Prime, until you become leader. Then you'll probably make us all fly into a sun or something.

    SHOCKWAVE: Wha- how did you- guess my plan?! Well, not a sun... a wormhole, actually...

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Uh-huh. Yeah. Whatever.

    SHOCKWAVE: The best part is that you're probably alonewhen I have two more troops on this vessel! Lugnut, Blitzing!! COME!!!

    (nobody comes)

    SHOCKWAVE: ...Lugnut? Blitzw--

    (Dinobots+ Rodimus Prime ambush him. They get him horribly beaten, and he's on the ground. Suddenly, a light and some lightning appears over Shockwave's body, and Shockwave's antenna shoot a beam into the light, and then the light disappears. All the Autobots look at eachother stupefied until they focus back on Shockwave. Rodimus Prime shoots him in the head and Shockwave is barely alive)

    SHOCKWAVE: Oh how I wanted to kill you... It would have been so terrible... so dreadful... so amazing. I wish I could have killed all of you as slowly as possible to pleasure every last second of it. Oh, well...(he dies and turns gray)

    Optimus Magnus: Good job, Rodimus Prime! You seemed to have whipped this team into shape!

    Rodimus Prime: Thank you, Optimus Prime! That means very little coming from you!

    Optimus Magnus: Well, then, now that all of this is over, we can go back home to Cybertron!

    Snarl: Me hungry.

    Swoop: Me hungry for knowledge.

    (Suddenly a light appears with some lightning and Shockwave steps out of the light)


    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: (Looking at Shockwave's dead body on the ground and then back up at Shockwave standing up) You're supposed to be dead.

    RODIMUS PRIME: Explain your presence!

    SHOCKWAVE: Very well. You see, I was sent a message from myself from the future. I sounded rushed and almost dead, but I figured out what I said. I was warned of the ambush that would kill me, so I ended up killing all 5 of you, thus creating a seperate timeline where I didn't die while still retaining this one. In my universe, I became leader of not only the Autobots, but also of all the universe. Oh, I've killed so many people for no reason... and and nobody can do anything!! It's amazing ...Anyway, I felt I should come to this dimension and avenge my dimensional duplicate! Only I won't be going back to my own dimension... after I kill all of you, I'll kill myself! I hate living which is why I love death so much... but I've never felt fulfilled enough to actually kill myself... When I kill all of you, I will!! So DIE!!!

    RODIMUS PRIME: WAIT!!!! Show me the machine you used to get yourself here!

    Shockwave: Your last request shall be fulfilled. ( he takes out a gun) 'Twas this gun that brought me here. I've got it set to my own dimension, but I won't ever use it again...

    (Rodimus Prime kicks the gun out of Shockwave's hand and grabs it in the air and points it at Shockwave)

    RODIMUS PRIME: You'll be happy in your dimension, Shockwave. Good-bye.


    (Rodimus Prime shoots Shockwave and with a display of lights and some lightning Shockwave disappears)

    SCENE 8

    (Shows Shockwave standing with a crown and cape on looking sad. He's in a glorified version of Lugnut's ship)

    LUGNUT: (he runs up) Why so sad, almighty leader of the Universe?

    SHOCKWAVE: Lugnut, let me tell you something. After you've dimension hopped twice, your mechanical structure and spark become so terribly mutilated that it's impossible for you to die. You have no idea how much death means to me. I hate everyone and everything and I deserve to die so very much...

    LUGNUT: Uuuhh...

    SHOCKWAVE: Which is why I'll do you a favor. I'll kill you to relinquish you of this life.

    LUGNUT: What?! I--

    (Shockwave slowly crushes Lugnut's head until his screaming comes to a stop and his body goes limp)

    SHOCKWAVE: (dropping Lugnut's body) I have done you a favor...(looking towards the sky) Now why, Primus, why, will you not do the same for me?!

    SCENE 8

    (Back to Lugnut's ship. We are at the bridge of the ship. Rodimus Prime and Optimus Magnus are piloting, Swoop looks to be in deep thought and Grimlock+ Snarl are playing a game of GO. Lugnut and Blitzwing are handcuffed and sitting down in the corner)

    RODIMUS PRIME: I did a good thing back there.

    OPTIMUS MAGNUS: Yes, you did. He will live in peace.

    RODIMUS PRIME: He'll be the happiest Transformer alive.

    (Slowly zooms out of the ship as it's flying towards Cybertron)

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    Very Interesting
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    And very funny
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    Thank you! I may be posting a prose version soon. So look out for that!

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