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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Rodimus Mike, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Rodimus Mike

    Rodimus Mike I Drank What?

    Mar 31, 2005
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    NE Texas
    Hey all,

    I am looking for all of the following transformers and parts to finish my collection,so if you have any of these gimme a holler.I am also open to
    trades if you are looking for any of the newer stuff like Classics,Movies,and others.So onto my list.Later guys.

    "Transformers Want List" (in no particular want priority)
    G1 Doublecross
    G1 Grotusque
    G1 Repugnus
    G1 Fort Max parts and pieces (any)
    G1 Highbrow HM and weapons and red window x2 each
    G1 Hardhead HM and weapons only
    G1 Chromedome HM and weapons only
    G1 Omega Supreme
    G1 Autobot Clones
    G1 Decepticon Clones
    G1 Hot Rod chest/with head and weapons
    G1 Grapple x2
    G1 Sunstreaker
    G1 Trailbreaker
    G1 Omnibots all 3
    G1 Throttlebots all of them except chase
    G1 Bluestreak
    G1 Megatron
    G1 Trypticon
    G1 Metroplex
    G1 Takara Star Convoy or reissue
    G1 Insecticons need lots of these
    G1 Deluxe Insecticons
    G1 Terrorcons only need the smaller figures not Hungrrr and gestalt pieces
    G1 Aerialbots also only need smaller figs as I have Silverbolt and gestalt pieces
    G1 Scorponok
    G1 Predacons or reissue
    G1 Springer pieces and weapons only
    G1 Roadbuster parts and weapons
    G1 Wheeljack weapons and accessories only
    G1 Skids weapons
    G1 Jazz weapons and window parts
    G1 Whirl weapons
    G1 Jetfire armor and accessories
    G1 Protectobots all of them
    G1 Shockwave or ko
    G1 Astrotrain
    G1 Blitzwing
    G1 Cyclonus
    G1 Scourge
    G1 Monstructor figures and shells
    G1 Stunticons Wildrider & Breakdown
    G1 Slugslinger
    G1 Pretenders and Shells any
    G1 Octane
    G1 Runabout and Runamuck
    G1 Blaster rifle and right leg handle
    G1 Snapdragon HM and weapons only x2
    G1 Mindwipe and accs.
    G1 Apeface and accs.
    G1 Nightbeat HM and accs. only
    G1 Skullcruncher and accs.
    G1 Weirdwolf and accs.
    G1 Micromasters and transports any
    Beast Wars Rhinox any
    Beast Wars Cheetor any
    Beast Wars Armordillo
    Beast Wars Megatron and Prime 2pack of gator and bat
    Beast Wars B"Boom
    Beast Wars Grimlock
    Beast Wars Razorbeast
    Beast Wars Retrax
    Beast Wars Terragator
    Beast Wars Tigatron
    Beast Wars TM Optimal Optimus parts
    Beast Wars Takara Lio Convoy any version
    Beast Wars Takara Big Convoy (mammoth)either color
    Beast Wars Takara Long Rack
    Beast Wars Takara Mach Kick
    Beast Wars Takara Stampy
    Beast Machines Black Arachnia any
    Beast Machines Arcee
    Beast Machines Cheetor
    Beast Machines Chro or RAV
    Beast Machines Dillo
    Beast Machines Dino's any
    Beast Machines Hammerstrike
    Beast Machines Magmatron combiner set
    Beast Machines Mol
    Beast Machines Night Viper
    Beast Machines Quickstrike
    Beast Machines Silverbolt
    Beast Machines Skydive
    Beast Machines Striker
    Beast Machines Tigatron
    Beast Machines Triceradon
    RID Landfill combiners
    RID Spychangers Scourge
    Armada Unicron parts need lots
    Armada Beast Wars repaints/remolds all of them
    Armada Jetfire shield only
    Armada Minicon combiners like perceptor,astroscope & etc.
    Armada Starscream parts and pieces
    Armada Mirage
    Energon Battle Ravage need lots
    Energon Divebomb also need lots
    Energon Grimlock and Swoop
    Energon Arcee
    Energon Insecticon
    Energon Cruellock and Doom-Lock
    Energon Slugslinger pieces
    Energon Starscream
    Alternators Optimus Prime
    Universe Nemesis Prime or Takara version
    Universe Target 2pack of Repugnus and Overbite
    Cybertron Minicon Safeguard
    Cybertron Scourge
    Cybertron Override GTS
    Cybertron Menasor
    Cybertron Nemesis Breaker
    Cybertron Leader Prime (truck part only,have trailer)
    Cybertron Sideways or repaints
    Cybertron Thunderblast
    Cybertron Starscream Voyager not the Supreme
    Cybertron Jetfire or repaints from other lines
    Cybertron Primus parts to fix mine
    Classics Astrotrain or Henkei
    Classics Minicon sets all of them
    Masterpiece MP-09 Rodimus Prime or TRU Exclusive
    Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock or TRU Exclusive
    Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron
    Titanium 6" Ultra Magnus G1
    Movie07 Leader Brawl
    ROTF Divebomb
    RTS Wreckgar
    RTS Perceptor
    Powercore Dinobots 5pack
    Powercore Leadfoot 2pack
    DOTM Leader Ironhide
    DOTM Human Alliance Leadfoot
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  2. Rodimus Mike

    Rodimus Mike I Drank What?

    Mar 31, 2005
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    NE Texas
  3. Rodimus Mike

    Rodimus Mike I Drank What?

    Mar 31, 2005
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    NE Texas
    my 3 month update.
  4. autobotguy

    autobotguy Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2007
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    Portland Oregon
    I do beleive I have quite a few TFs thats on your list. I'll PM you tomorrow with my matches. :) 
  5. Stormrunner

    Stormrunner Cry for the Cat's Eye

    Sep 7, 2005
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    Sent you a PM.
  6. optimus78

    optimus78 Active Member

    Apr 16, 2007
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    I have a movie07 leader class brawl Im will to part with for 40 shipped

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