Robowang's Giant Trade List - mostly G1; some others too

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    My parts and figures are NOT FOR SALE. Feel free to make a trade offer for parts I want from my wants list; I'm sure we can work something out. I reserve the right to hold some of the rarer parts for other rare parts I need, and if you have something I'd consider rare, I'm happy to trade in your favor. If you need more detail on an item, feel free to ask! I check my messages at least once a day. I prefer PMs, but you can also e-mail me at Thanks!

    What I have for trade:

    G1(all are original G1 parts and figures, not reissues)

    Air Raid: gun
    Anti-Aircraft Base: Spaceshot L wing, R wing
    Beachcomber: (c8.5)
    Bluestreak: body(c-6), missile x2, R launcher
    Bombshell: Complete figure, tight, chrome wear c-7.5
    Bonecrusher: gun, Devastator left hand x2, drill
    Brainstorm: L gun
    Cosmos: (c9)
    Dirge: L wing x2(1 has bad stickers), R wing x2(one has bad stickers), gun, L fist, R fist(both double tabs)
    Eject: gun(heavy wear)
    Grapple: complete (c8)
    Grimlock: missle x2
    Groundbreaker: robot(c8 - some broken peg stuck in hole on back), electron rifle, blaster base
    Hook: Devastator head laser
    Hoist: twin blaster x2
    Hotspot: gun
    Inferno: complete (c8)
    Ironhide: missile(chrome chip in one side)
    Jazz: missile
    Jetfire: gun clip
    Kickback: gun
    Landmine: robot(c8- some paint wear on cockpit), helmet
    Longhaul: Devastator waist connector (large purple piece w/green guns)
    Mainframe: Push-Button(partner), handgun
    Metroplex: Scamper body (little circle that holds are in isn't complete, but arms stay in fine)
    Military Patrol: Growl gun
    Mixmaster: body(c7.5), Devastator gun
    Nautilator: left claw, slightly yellowed
    Nightbeat: junker body - mostly good but front of car that flips onto robot back is broken off.
    Perceptor: missile
    Pincher: large gun
    Powerdasher(F1 racer): (c7- heavy chrome wear, stickers c8)
    Powerglide: (c8 - some tailfin stress)
    Octopunch: small brown gun
    Optimus Prime: grey missile x3
    Optimus Prime(powermaster): grey gun x2, black gun, large head, large center ramp(folds onto back)
    Over-run: figure(c8.5), missile, foot platform
    Raindance: gun(some wear)
    Ramjet: complete (c-9 - has some repro-stickers)
    Red Alert: missile, gun
    Runabout: complete (c8, motor works)
    Runamuck: complete (c8, motor works)
    Scavenger: body(c8), Devastator forearm x3, Devastator right hand
    Scorponok: shield, leg shield(some chrome wear)
    Scrapper: Devastator chest plate
    Shockwave: hose(little or no cracking), gun barrel, "Shackwave" gun arm - no gun hand
    Shrapnel: gun, R yellow bug leg w/wheel, L yellow bug leg w/o wheel
    Skids: twin electron blaster, rocket x3
    Skydive: gun
    Sky High: robot(c8)
    Skywarp: L fist(double tab), R horizontal tailfin x2, launcher x4, long missile x2
    Slag: sword, missile x2
    Slingshot: gun
    Snarl: missile x2
    Soundwave: missile x3
    Splashdown: robot(c8 - legs kinda loose)
    Sprocket: rotor blades, R wing
    Starscream: L vertical tailfin, L fist, R fist(both double tabs), launcher x2
    Streetwise: body(c8)
    Swoop: missile
    Thrust: L fist, R fist(both double tabs), small missile
    Thundercracker: long missile, short missile
    Tracks: c8 figure complete minus gun (stickers are c5ish)
    Ultra Magnus: missile x4, launcher x2, chestplate x2, gun, L small fist, R small fist, white shin
    Waverider: robot(c8), belt
    Wingspan: entire L wing

    Beast Wars:

    Megatron(TM2): kneecap/cover

    BM Dinobots - all loose/complete



    Mirage: sealed

    Attacktix(all sealed in baggies):

    Megatron(black base) x2
    Super Optimus Prime(black base)
    Rodimus(black base)
    Scourge(black base)

    What I want:
    (parts to which I will give priority over other trades are marked with ***)
    If you have figures or bodies I need, I'd love to see a picture!


    Barrage: yellow sword ***
    Blitzwing: Japanese reissue, loose(must have missiles) or sealed
    Finback: belt ***
    Hoist: complete U.S reissue, or all orange parts to original figure
    Hound: Japanese reissue, loose/complete or sealed
    Ironhide: c8+ complete toy
    Mirage: c8+ body, can include accessories but not needed
    Misfire: Aimless figure(no stress on hinges!)
    Nightbeat: helmet, L small gun, R small gun ***all
    Outback: c8+ figure only, with good stickers
    Pipes: c8+ with good stickers
    Ratchet: gun, connector peg***all
    Ricochet(reissue): Nightstick figure(or original Nightstick from Cyclonus)
    Red Alert: complete U.S. reissue
    Scourge(Targetmaster): Fracas figure
    Skystalker: dual laser connector x2, large ship L wing
    Starscream(Action Master): complete jet, minus Starscream figure, can be missing steering handles as well. Will also take complete AM Starscream, but this is very low priority.
    Sunstreaker: C8+ body with all non-accessory parts still attached, spoiler, left hand, yellow shoulder rocket***all
    Swerve: c8+ with good stickers
    Trailbreaker: c8+ body, can include accessories but not needed
    Triggerhappy: c9+ body, blowpipe figure(w/o gun barrel)(no stress on hinges!)
    Trypticon: double laser, double laser stand, single radar dish
    Wheeljack: missile launcher, L wing, R wing ***all


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    how much for all the dinobots, and mirage. Seperately, so a price for the lot of dinobots, and then a price for mirage, thanks!
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    Um...I never stated I had a Mirage. He's on my wants list. Also, note the very top of the post which says "NOT FOR SALE." Sorry, I'm just using these figures and parts to get other figures and parts I need. If you don't have anything on my wants list, I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry!
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