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    Do you think that the whole cybertronians are still a secret to the general public has been taken too far for too long, and does it limit the character interaction and world building too much, and the Autobots call earth their home but you live at your home the autobots are not living here there hiding here. Also the bots fight for humanity but dont seem to even like or formed a real bond to humanity(the Martian Munhunter in JLU had a similiar problem as Wonder Woman pointed out)in season one finale they said they would fight for Jack, Miko and Raf but the rest of humanity as Bulkhead said he doesn't know about, this doesn't make the bots look like heroes but sort of like contrarians, no matter what the cons are doing they gotta be on the opposite side, because they feel like the better people for it and they have been fighting the cons for so long they dont know how to do anything else, its more about winning than doing the right thing. If the kids where to be taken away would they have the drive to keep fighting the cons, Arcee in Darkness Rising didn't seem like "protecting humans" was something she liked despite being on the earth for years.

    Also like many others have complained about are finding the limited cast and locations tedious. And annoyed how the contuined convenience about how cybertronians actions are not seen. The space bridge explosion shoulda been picked up by orbital satelites, Nemesis never being seen despite its size and it flying in plain sight(in Flying Mind it stealth system was off, but no military picked it up I bet), Energon growing on the planet but no one discovering it or conducting research on a possible alternate non-populating energy source, the war only taken place in isolated areas where noone is around(deserts, forest, etc). Another thing that bothers me is that the Cons can go all over the world but seem to sticking the U.S mainly, its the same problem Power Rangers the series have, where the only place the villains attacks is where the heroes live.
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    This may be the first [and last time] I'll be the one to say: You're overthinking this.

    On the plot issues, The Military wouldn't know where to look for the signal, it was there, but no one was looking towards that direction. And even then, it was off for few hours, at most.

    Also, it is not limited to America: Russia [Operation Breakdown], North Pole/Artic [Out of his Head], Greece [Deus Ex Machina], The Center of Earth..[One Shall Fall].
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    dude, I hear periods and paragraphs work wonders! I´m not trying to sound like a troll, but I mean, I couldn't get to the end of the first paragraph...

    Also, what Overlord Balder says^^

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