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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by roarmore, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Hey all, thanks for checking out my stuff. :023:

    I'd very much love to trade these awa for things I want but it seems more likely that i'd sell them so either is fine with me. Just offer. And i'm in the US.

    My Wants (I know i'm not very detailed, I do apologize for it but there is alot i'm looking for):
    Sentai Hero and Rider Hero figures (Only have a few of these so far.)
    Zords/Megazords (I'm missing about half of the total number of Megazords.)
    Transformers (I've got a number of wants.)
    DVD Boxsets (I watch a ton of shows so just let me know what you have. Bleach, Naruto, Charmed, Lost, NipTuck, ER, etc...)
    Ranger Strike Cards
    TFTM Brawl (Leader)
    Robot Heroes (Have most, missing those that didnt' come to the US and some ROTF, maybe others.)
    Pink Crane Zord
    Fists to the Lost Galaxy Megazord
    Fist covers that go on the red Ape zord and blue Wolf zord
    Big black part/buzzsaw that goes on Cybertron Metroplex
    Movie Starscream pieces
    Energon Omega Supremes Head
    Phantasy Star Episode 1 & 2 (Gamecube)
    Spine/Head Piece to the white Dino Thunder zord

    Monster Truck Plush'
    Pokemon Plush'

    Animated BA is missing the big bulb/web spinner/buttox part.
    Energon Rodimus is missing his head.

    Yellow Transmetal car?
    TFTM Fracture

    More to come! At some point. ^^
    Theres also a case of about 50 Bakugan if anyone is interested

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