Road to Redemotion - sequel to the Nemesis Prime saga

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    here are the first chapters. the other two need some rewrite before being posted.


    Part 1 of Nemesis Prime saga


    One of many Cybertrons, of several realities, in this one the Autobots were reduced to mere resistance groups, thanks to the tyrant Megazarack,a brilant but extremely cruel commander who waged a war of genocide against the Autobots… Only a scattered, leaderless , broken army remained… If no one appeared and organized it, soon Cybertron would become a Decepticon world.

    Autobot Resistance fortress, location south of Iacon One.

    “Fall back! Fall back!”- Mirage shouted

    The Decepticon Pretoarians (Megazarack´s personal guard) were destroying everything on their path. Megazarack was determined to destroy the remains of Autobot resistance and had sent his most ruthless warriors commanded by the sadistic Decepticon Overbite. Accompanied by his escorts, he looked to the fortress, while the defenses crumbled, and smiled with a sadistic way...

    “Kill them all...Leave none alive.”

    The fighting raged through the fortress, Autobots desperately in hand to hand combat, but they were outnumbered and outgunned. They were being killed by the dozens.

    “They are too many, we being--ARGH!!!”

    “Rollbar, report! I repeat, report! Is there anyone alive?! Slag!” – Mirage was getting desperate. He was not the ideal commander, but since Optimus defeat, and apparent death, he took the role of field commander of that sector. But he wasn’t no Prime. Only a mere soldier that the fates of war turned into a commander.

    “All units, flee to the transports, this fortress is compromised, we must retreat into…”

    Before Mirage could finish ordering retreated, a blast send him flying several meters across the room. He tried to get a hold of his gun, but he was grabed by a large robot.

    It was Decepticon Brawnl. The dumb and large tank like robot, who was Overbite´s guard, laughed with a laughter characteristic of a bullie that has a weaker being in his grasp.

    “Poor little Autobot…Cant´t reach for his gun.. .Well, if he misses an arm, he won’t need it…”

    He ripped Mirage´s arm, and the Autobot screamed with pain has he felt his circuits slowly shut down.

    Overbite entered the room. He ordered Brawnl to stand down.

    “Well,well we have here a survivor. I will go direct to the point. If you want to die quickly, tell us what are the passwords from Telatran-1 and Base Sigma´s location. Or I will have Brawnl ripe you piece by piece very slowly. And bellive it autobot, he can make it last. The last one lived for hours..."

    Ignoring the pain, Mirage still managed to send a insult to Overbite..

    “Go to the Inferno, you sick piece of slag..”

    And yet , he tought..

    “All it’s lost…With the intel in this fortress in Megazarack hand´s, all the other cells will fall…and so will Base Sigma.May Primus forgive me, for I have failed…”

    Outside perimeter of the fortress.

    Two Decepticons soldiers, tasked of cleaning and execute any survivors, patrolled the entrance to the base. A strange noise was heard bythem. Suspecting an ambush, they ordered the remaining troops to hide themselves, while they investigated.

    “Let’s investigate. We may have a Autobot survivor to play with…”

    They turned to see what was. A large black robot, who looked to have an alternate form of amammoth, stood in their ground. He turned to the two robots and spoke in a harsh voice.

    “I’m giving you a change to live…Flee this place, and don’t return, and you might live. I won´t say this again."

    The two laughed and ordered several hidden soldiers to appear from the hidden sites. Soon the unknow robot was surrounded by several decepticons and seekers.

    “What are you going to do? We have you outnumbered. Surrender now!”

    The large robot looked around and said:

    “Very well, it´s your choice. I have warn you all. May Primus have mercy on your sparks, because I won’t!”

    Autobot Resistance fortress, south of Iacon One

    Overbite was trying to extract the information from a barely functional Mirage, when he heard the screams of the other Decepticons that were outside. From the sounds of it, they were getting their metal plates handed to them.

    “Bring that slaging bot with us. I have to see what’s going on. But I can’t risk he killing himself."

    Outside, the scene was incredible. Remains of several decepticons were scattered across the battleground. Some were slammed across the walls, others were shot to pieces, and others were simply an unrecognisable pile of scrap. Some were still twitching, hopelessly trying to get on their feet.

    A very angry and frustrated Overbite points his gun back to Mirage.

    “What king of warrior is capable of doing this? How does he dare to attack our praetorians?! Answer me bot, or by the Inferno, I’m going to make you crave for death!”

    The ground shook, and the warrior appeared. A very large robot, as large as Megazarack himself. In his hand he still held a Decepticons seeker, who was trying to brake free.

    “I warned them to leave, they didn’t listen. I hope you and your lapdog don’t follow the footsteps of you soldiers.”

    He crushed the seeker he held in is hand. Oil and fluids leaked from his hand, has he dropped the seeker.

    Mirage could not believe his audio receptors.

    “That voice…It…It can’t be…He lives?” But he looks different…What happened?”

    Overbite stepped back…It was the first time he saw a single warrior destroy so much Decepticons all by itself. The presence of such powerful robot intimidated Overbite, and suddenly he lost all of his confidence.

    What’s your name?” he asked

    “My name is not of your concern. Leave now and leave that warrior alone. This is your last warning!"

    “Branwl, dispose of this insolent bot.” He orders, confident that Branwl´s power was enough to destroy him.

    Brarwnl transformed into his tank form and charged. The warrior did not move, not even when the plasma fire was almost hitting him. Only in the last second he moved, and grabbed Branwl by its cannon. He lifted the huge tank and slammed it into the ground, ripping the barrel of the tank and impaling Brawnl with it. The sheer violence of the attack shocked even Overbite.

    He tossed Mirage aside. He fired with all his guns. The blasts didn’t hurt him. They simply bounced of the armour.

    “Slag it! Why don´t you die?! Die already!”

    He simply walked slowly to Overbite. He grabbed Overbite, slowly crushing him.

    “What…gh…What are you..?”

    He only said:

    “Your worst nightmare…” and crushed Overbite, killing the sadistic decepticon.

    He headed for Mirage. He wasnt´s sure of this powerhouse was going to save him or to kill him. The large robot simply grabbed Mirage.

    Miriage still wanted to acomplish his mission.

    "The fortress must be..destroyed...information..important..sefl desturc..."

    "Where is the self destruct? I shall take care of it. Your in no conditon to move.!"

    Mirage pointed the way. He saved the information and ignited the demolition charges that were placed on the fortress. They head back into a escape shuttle. Mirage typed the auto pilot codes and fell into stasis lock. He placed the autobot carefully on the shuttle and took of.

    While the warrior was sited in the cockpit, he tought to himself:

    “Will they remember me? Will they believe my story and more importantly...Will they forgive me when they find out the truth, where I couldn’t forgive myself? I guess I will find it out soon…”

    The shuttle left the fortress, while violent explosions ripped the fort apart.
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    I'm just being polite, not trying to be a jerk -

    I think you missed a key when you named the thread. Were you aiming for "Redemption?"

    You can always ask the mods to change your thread name in the "tech support" forum if you decide you want to switch that up. :thumb 

    PS: The story is pretty wild so far. Call me intrigued!
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    i know. i often mistype because of my language,
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    a little bit of spell checking would help but the story's good
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    another chapter.


    Megazarack´s Palace, location: Iancon One

    The warlord´s angry voice echoed trought the palace, and a random decepticon was slammed into a wall in attack of rage.

    "An entire battalion, destroyed?!"

    The tyrant was angry, as he knew that his elite soldiers were almost invicible and that the ofensive capabilty of the Autobots was almost depleted. The death of two of his lts enraged him more.

    "Who did this? I don´t know of any autobot capable of such feat. The ones that had similar power are hidding from me or dead!"

    A black transformer apeared from the shadows. It was Razorclaw, former Herald of Unicron, last seen during the Universe War.

    "I know who might be. His name...Optimus Prime.."

    The optics of the tyrant went wider. He dind´t belive in him. He defeated Prime, left him to die in the Rust Sea. How coud Prime be alive? How could he bear such power?

    "How?" asked Megazarack

    "True, you left him to die. But my former master Unicron saw the potencial in such a great warrior. He captured him and twisted him into the warrior that slaughtered your troops."

    The tyrant grew in frustration. And seing Megazarck frustated was not a pretty sight, nor it was good for your health.

    "I Don´t care what he is. I will crush him again and this time i will have his head on my throne room!"

    "Don´t underestimate him. He´s not the same Prime you fought before. He´s death incarnated and he is quite capable of equaling you in cruelty. You saw what he did to your troops. He won´t show any pitty, any remorse. While you were still conquering Cybertron, he had already wiped out entire armies and lead the destruction of hundreds of worlds."

    Razorclaw knew Nemesis Prime, he fought alonside him in the Universe War. He knew what he talking about.

    "Do you know what is doing here?" asked the warlord.

    "I don´t know. Since Unicron´s defeat, most of his army was destroyed and others went missing. His link to Unicron has desapeared. He might be a mindless monster now or worst, he might have regained his memory and remenber what was his true alligeance."

    "You mean?"

    "He might have returned to the Autobots. And if that´s true, your Empire might be domed." replied Razorclaw.

    "I don´t care. I will destroy him, i did it once, i will do it again. Now leave alone Razorclaw. i need to think!"

    Razorclaw left the room..

    "You are a fool Megazarack. You don´t know what you are up against. No matter, when they destroy eachother, i shall take this planet for myself."

    He transformed and flyed away.
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    interesting story man...Optimus turned into Nemesis.... I LIKE !
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    Cybertron Great Desert:

    The ship carrying Mirage and Nemesis Prime was going to this place on it´s own. Nemesis Primes assumed the autopilot was heading for Base Sigma.

    "I have been away for so long. This body, this heraldy, will they recognize me?"

    Base Sigma´s Central Hangar command center:

    An autobot officer called the commander.

    "Sir, we have one of the shuttles from Base Delta heading this way. Maye it´s commander Mirage.´"

    The bot who had a radical design from the other autobots, gave out the command.

    "Open the hangar doys fast! Judjing by the signs we have a very injured bot inside that thing. Get the med team on that hangar. I´m heading there right now!"

    "Yes sir! Med team 03, we have work for you guys. Hangar bay, fast!" - radioed the bot.

    "Rodjer that!" - replied.

    Hangar bay:

    The shuttle begun it´s landing. Prime din´t had to do a thing. He grabed Mirage and open the door. The autobots stared at him in a mist of shock and horror. After all, he still beared Decepticon insignias and his Unicron ehanced body was very intimidanting. Before he could speak, several guns and gun turrets were pointed at him.

    An nervous autobot soldier yelled.

    "Drop him now, scum!"

    He placed carefully Mirage on the ground.

    "Please, I mean no harm."

    The bot soldier replyed:

    "Sorry con, but we have learned the hard way cons and bots don´t mix!"

    Then, a bot came through the hallway. He had a blue body and the alternate form of a cybertronian seeker. In a wing he beared a scratched Deceptcon insigina, in the other the red of an Autobot. A scar ran across his face. One of many battles. Prime recoginzed him.

    "Thundercrakcer! By Primus how things have changed...!" He tought to himself

    "What about your commander? Does he not mix with you? Stand down soldier." He put his hand on the soldier´s gun.

    "But Sir. You are another case, you earn it."

    "And he? Are you a judje by any means? I sense great power in his spark. He can kill most of us in a blink of an eye, and yet , he has not. Look at his face, you might find him familiar."

    The soldier lowered the gun, and looked more closely at the large robot. He dropped his gun in shock.

    "By the Matrix, it can´t he..He was dead.."

    The warrior began moving towards Thundercraker, while Mirage was being carried away. He looked at Mirage and said:

    "He will live. He´s stronger than he looks. What are you doing here? An Decepticon, commanding the Autobot Resistance? Were is Defensor and Ultra Trion?"

    "They are dead...Prime, we have much to talk. Many things have changed since you left"

    " I see..." - He dind´t showed, but his spark grifed by the loss of his closest friend and also his mentor.

    Both of them walked away. The course of this war was about to change...For better or worst, Nemesis Prime had returned, and the thougts of revenge were already forming in his mind.

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