Minor/Repaint: RiD Wheeljack & Prime repaint galleries!

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Napjr, Oct 14, 2005.

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    RiD Wheeljack

    Aaaah updated and better pics of my first custom posted in transtopia! or it was the FB Bendy Prime? nevermind

    Back in 2002 or 2003 i got for free that X-Brawn from Rhinox over at the 2005 boards, since i wanted to fix my Car Robots Wildrider wheels, and obviously used X-Brawn to do this. Since then, it was displayed in my room as an extra figure, eventually with minor details painted

    Now last year, i found a parts dealer locally and close to my home, after my initial visit, i saw a junker Xbrawn with good tires... as well a junker G1 Wheeljack... Obviously i got an idea!

    At the time, i was making tests with RIT dye, so i dyed some pieces, such as upper legs and arms, with amazing results. After a silver detailing, the project was pretty much done

    As for the head, i simply found a similar sized balljoint (since the original head was needed for another project) and put it on Wheljack`s head with epoxy, then i simply sanded the extra material and painted black and silver. For the eyes, thats simply gold paint with a gundam marker

    Finally, i tried to remove the ugly front lights in car mode with decent results (i made a better job however, with my normal Xbrawn, but oh well)

    RiD Spychangers Scourge & Laser Prime

    In the case of Scourge, i simply added details from the bigger version

    Now for Laser Prime, a complete repaint was needed and i based it from my normal sized LP repaint

    Extremely easy thanks to the size, really... even though months later an official version came out...

    G1 Laser Prime

    Woah! one of the oldest repaints i have that i still display proud in my collection =D

    I cant remember if i finished this in 2001 or 2002, but im pretty sure that by the time RiD Scourge was released, mine was pretty much done... eventually the same year i got a nice Scourge trailer to display it proud (wich if i remember correctly, TFMaster gave me years ago :)  )

    Now onto the figure, basically i had seen similar ideas months before, and one day i was able to buy locally a junker LP for like $20, only had the robot (missing head and neck connector) and a beaten up trailer (wich i tried to make it a squareish shape with cardboard... and with horrendous results). The lights still worked however, although the wires are in kinda bad shape (you can turn on the arm led, but if its rotated then it turns off)

    Months later, i was able to buy a second junker LP without electronics, but thankfully had all the missing parts i needed. The following weeks was done

    Now the next year, after i got my own Scourge and TFM trailer, i decided it needed more detailing, so i painted some details similar to those in Scourge, like the kneeĀ“s and wheel covers, waist and upper legs done in black (whereas Scourge had teal), and printed some custom metallic decals with a black Autobot logo (like Car Robots Black Convoy). Later i put some repro bot labels on the doors similar to RiD Scourge

    In the end, i wanted to give it a BadAss Prime look more than an show accurate colorsheme (details like yellow in the waist for example)

    Finally, that badass gun came from a KO i bought that year, from an obscure Takara toyline... too bad i was never able to put it inside the trailer...

    Now i just hope Transrepro makes a sword repro to actually finish the figure, until then it would keep using his Cannon :p 

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