RID Three-Step Changers wave 11 and Activator Combiner Sideswipe released in Germany

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    May 14, 2004
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    Finally, a spring day with more than decent weather on which I neither had to work, nor was feeling sick, so I took the opportunity and finally made a combined bike trip/sightings tour again.

    The bad: The shopping mall in Essen including the Karstadt store was closed down all day and secured by police due to a terror warning. There was also a massive police presence at the CentrO shopping mall in Oberhausen, armed with machine guns, because two suspects for the potentially planned terror attack in Essen had been arrested in Oberhausen. Yikes.

    Anyways, on a more positive note:

    Galeria Kaufhof in downtown Essen has RID Combiner Force Three-Step Changers Grimlock and Seismic Strike Thunderhoof, who haven't been sighted in Germany yet.

    Galeria Kaufhof inside the CentrO shopping mall in Oberhausen (which wasn't closed down, despite the police presence) has Three-Step Changer Seismic Strike Thunderhoof and Activator Combiner Great Byte/Sideswipe, who hasn't been sighted in Germany yet either. In fact, this might be the first worldwide retail sighting for Great Byte and Sideswipe!
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