rid heavyload as rairyu?

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    i have been giving this a bit of thought lately

    when it comes to heavyloads character of the build team from transformers rid and rairyu of gaogaigar they both happen to look similer to eachother in overall colorscheme and both of them transform into same colored dumptrucks

    would it be possible to bash 2 rid heavyloads into a autobot version of rairyu in such a way that the main figures body hasa mid waist rotating joint built into its upper and lower body

    with the two figures being bashed into a single figure in such a way that for the main figures robot mode the lower legs would remain in place over and around the upper legs so that they serve as the upper legs of the figure with the the entire front half of the feet serving as the kneejoint for the new set of lower legs to be built onto

    the basic idea being that the extra lower legs would be salvaged from the second heavyload figure and modded as needed so that they could be permanently epoxy glued into place as the new lower legs .

    with a bit of extra rebuilding could it also be possible to bash rid hightower up into a autobot version of hyoryu and enryu as well?

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