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    New England Transformers Collectors Group Meet and Greet 02/26/2017

    Sunday Febuary 26th

    New England Transformer Collectors Group Meet and Greet. Merrymac Games and Comics at 550 Daniel Webster Highway Merrimac NH. 03054 has been nice enough to donate us a space to hold this meeting. The scheduled date is Sunday Febuary 26th from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Please consider this a formal invitation. If you would like to attend please PM me to RSVP. This is a free event; first come first served due to limited space. Also, feel free to bring a few bots to show off and display. So come on down and meet some fellow collectors. This event is hosted by JETFIRE-XL. Please feel free to pass this invite along if there is someone you know that might like to attend. Anyone who RSVP's by noon Febuary 26th will be entered into a raffle for a free Transformer figure. Raffle tickets will be issued at the event. The Topics for the next meeting will be (1) Hello hello high and here we go again. We're happy to be back in New Hampshire again who's new to the group? (2) Titans Returnes is still the hottest thing going. Who still buying them and what do you want to see next? (3) The beast among us. well the 20 year annivesary of Beast wars has come and gone. Hasbro and Takara it would seem had totaly forgotten this fact and released hardly and Beast wars or Beast mode bots last year or did they? Rescue Bots, R.I.D. , Titans Returnes and Masterpiece all had diffrent forms of beast bots released or did you fail to notice this trend too! Keep an eye out for our other great events this year the dates are as listed here 2017 meet ups. June 25th and October 29th at this location "Untill all have one"
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