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Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by rework, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Another week of Flea Market & Yard Sale Finds.

    Kind of heading into the last part of the season. A few more good toys shake out this time a year - Especially when you can find parents who clean out the rooms of kids who've just gone off to college!

    I did make one interesting buy. It was a box full of 80's toy parts. Mostly He-Man, but also had GIJoe, MASK, Transformers, COPS, and Vintage Star Wars in there. What was weird, was that it was all randomly parceled out into little baggies and then numbered. They weren't sorted - In fact they looked intentionally spread out. Maybe someone had tried to auction them and failed. I got the whole box for $10. One Star Wars part in there Ebay's for $35-ish alone! (Maybe I'll post a pic with some of the stuff in there I can't ID.)

    Here's what I got:
    9/8/06 Flea Market

    Topspin, no gun
    Gunrunner Robot
    TsM2 Cheetor, no parts
    Kup Gun
    Wheeljack launcher
    Swindle's guns
    Cyb Breakdown, no parts
    Wreckloose's Blade
    CYB Street Speed Team, MOSC
    OP Eraser

    9 GIJoe Figs
    7 Star Wars Figs
    4 Jurrasic Park figs

    Lego 4708, 6755, 7161 (unsure of completeness)

    Lot of Star Wars MicroMachines
    Lot of Star Trek Micromachines
    Large MM Enterprise
    Bag of MOTU Accessories
    Bag of Vintage Star Wars accys
    (Incl. Vint Anamanan's staff)
    Bag of GIJoe Accys
    Bag of Vintage Fisher Price Little People
    Vintage Die Cast John Deere Spreader

    Total Cost: About $40

    Anyone else have any luck?

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    Sep 12, 2006
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    I was out last week in OKC and stopped by a flea market they have at the fairgrounds. I was joking with the wife that if I saw any G1 stuff I was going to buy it to kickstart a new collection.

    Just so happens that I got lucky.

    Found a G1 Optimus Prime in the box for $15. Of course it was missing the hands, gun, and little hose thing, but the cab and trailer were in pretty good shape.

    There were also 6 G1 Cassettes in the foam insert as well.


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