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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Reviews' started by Phoenix Blaze, Jun 12, 2011.

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    So, I figure this is the best place to post this....

    To all the reviewers who post here, or even just the people who watch, where did it all begin? How did you first come across TF reviewing, at which point did you go from watching the odd video to subscribing and watching a whole heap more? And if you did, at which point or what made you decide to try it for yourself?

    Obviously it'd be awesome for you all to respond via the magic of video but even just a good thread would be good.

    Here's a video I made on the topic, so if you could find it in your hearts to watch and respond in some fashion, that'd be great. Thanks.

    Not exactly review related but I never know where to post these non toy videos...

    Okay so I did this video as requested by Dave, smsno1, and thought I'd spread it around.

    Where did you begin? I imagine with watching then one day thinking "I'll give that a bash" but who did you watch, was it even TF related? Did you jump right into reviews?

    YouTube - ‚Ä™Vigalog - Youtube Origins‚Ĩ‏
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    i too started out as just a viewer, i do belive the first reviewer i started watching was peaugh also, then i started watching almost all of the reviewers on the tfw boards, this went on for a bit and i would always go to one of the reviews here before i would make a purchase.

    one day i got to thinking about doing reviews myself kinda as a way of giving back to the tf community in some small little way for all the help they have given me, my first step into the reviewing water came when i got my crazy devy predaking sword in the mail, since i didn't own a camera at the time i grabbed my cell phone and shot a quick video of it and slapped it up on youtube and now i'm hooked on doing them, heck even if no one watched them i think i would still make them as i have no one else in my area to "nerd out" transformers style with. anyways thats my story hope some more people play along

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