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    EXTRA: If you were there yourself please just add a post with picture + there must be enough info to entertain as well, ok?

    First of all let me tell you little something about myself, cuz without knowing or have accidentally missed that little bit of info it can be very hard to understand everything I tell you next :)  This will be the longest version yet!

    Some of you might already heard of my physical disability's..
    They consist of me having pain 24/7 due to back-injuries, which for the ones interested/wondering keep reading, others can skip to the next part NP ;) 
    @the end of 2008 I had reached a point where my pain (and problems that to go with it) wouldn't go away even after 7weeks of rest! Where in the beginning 4-6yrs before it started out with 1week once a yr... going twice 2weeks a year and so on until that day, I visited my (home)doctor?? (not sure of right translation) and for the xxx time ask a prescription and/or advice (well actually the other way around). So every bloody time I keep hearing his the same thing your young and strong, do lot's of sport, look healthy and so on. Since it's extremely hard telling I'm hurting from the outside, cuz I kinda can cope with pain pretty good (till a certain extend), since I started Skating/Boarding/Surfing/Fitness/Fighting etc. kind of the extreme sports fanatic, I know think it could've been caused/accelerated cuz I didn't start until I was 21. So 6yrs later @ 27, I had just gave up my fixed contract so I could work closer the home (2006). I worked for a ICT company and had several MS Certificates, started out years before that after school as Help-desk/Service-desk employe and my new job was System-Engineer. I went for the job interview of Senior SE, but at that time missing 5certificates. The peepz where so interested in me after the interview they told me what if "start as Junior SE go work on those 5 CERT's and voila" sounded easy right? Now here's comes the trick! In my country they can extend your temporarily contract for 3times in a row max 1yr each. And just before the final year and final CERT to become Senior SE, I didn't get any better :(  So here I was, after countless of tests etc. MRI's and whatever you call them, stuck before a very difficult choice. Long rehabilitation using physio and all that other NON-surgery thing of try my luck @ getting a Spondylodese. Well with the heavy breathing of the inspection down my neck, I thought this would be the quickest and safe my ass solution, Right? WRONG!! Problem nr2 in Holland the waiting lists where bl**dy 9months. In that time I went from full-time, to part-time to keep everything running. You'll never guess what happens next (it makes my think about a picture hanging on the office wall, with a fox that has it's leg trapped "Can't get any worse right? Think again!" second picture he's being sodomized by another fox) my boss tell me my 3rd contract-extension is coming up or ending (dunno anymore how he said it) I'm afraid we have to let you go and you'll get your job back after recovery from surgery. Well I suppose in his shoe for company's sake I had to made the same decision (13peepz small Network Expertise company). So after I said goodby and after quite a while finally the day of surgery arrived. I was in IC 3hrs even after surgery cuz the bleeding didn't stop. I was left with a major wound on my back, from the top of my buttocks to 15-20cm up. Then came the painful first 6monts to 1yr, untill after yet again testing and stuff, we would go for a second run. Turns out the specialist was doing me as one of his final patients before pension. So after all this time I sometimes wonder if a younger doctor, would've known a dared suggestion and eventually doing another time of surgery with success?? Also both times after surgery I got an infection in/around the wounds (2nd time was a cut/scar of 10-15cm from belly button :thumbdown wards) which took 4months the heal and still look ugly as hell! Nowadays I still can't do lot of things and actually never been out of the house for me than 1-2hrs total (only cuz I lay down on my parents sofa who live within 2km range), if I go shopping for whatever I reach distances of 20km max and 1hr average. So bottom line is even my Girlfriend is completely bored with my situation after 2yrs (Is currently in Hungary for 6months LawSchool University), well and I thank god find a little (or actually quite a large bot) of peace & joy into the TF world mostly customizing. I on 3 different type of drugs and it gets me through the day, but only the way if have learned to live my life. So this meeting and the folks that picked me up and brought me back where SOOOOO AWESOME!!!

    So enough with the sad crap above (sorry bout that)...
    The 2nd Dutch meeting held on febuari 18th 2012 in Katwijk (near The Hague)


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