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    Beast Mode: As a Fuzor, Noctorro’s beast form is a hybrid of two different animals, in his case a bat and a bull. By now I believe the Kenner designers simply threw a lot of different animal names into a hat and drew pairs at random, because I can’t think of any other way one might get the idea to combine these two animals. That said, the combination of the bull’s head with the bat’s wings and body looks surprisingly smooth and not half-bad, either. Very demonic-looking, too, of course, but that’s not a bad thing, even when you’re dealing with a Maximal, one of the good guys.

    Not really a whole lot you can do here, of course. You can stand the Fuzor on his legs and pose him a little, that’s it. So all in all a solid beast mode, but nothing special about it except for the look.

    Robot Mode:
    Noctorro’s robot mode is basically his beast mode, just standing upright and with a robot head appearing, while the bull-head becomes the chest. The robot head features horns to keep with the bull image and looks pretty nice, too. Posability is quite good, as is standard for Beast Wars figures, so no surprises here.

    Noctorro doesn’t have a weapon, his profile text states he prefers hand to hand (or make that hand to claw). Still, I’d have preferred some kind of long-range weapon for him. So the bottom line is: A solid, but unspectacular robot mode. Average for the Beast Warriors.

    Remarks: Noctorro is one of many Beast Wars characters never to appear in the TV series, but he did at least get background parts in the two IDW Beast Wars comic series. He took part in both big battles on ancient Earths and returned to Cybertron along with the Pack, only to be killed very quickly during the all-out assault on Shokaract in the final issue of Beast Wars: The Ascending.

    I’ve had Noctorro for over a year now before I got around to writing a review. The reason? Well, I can’t really think of all that much to write here. He’s got a neat fuzor fusion (bull & bat), but that’s the extent of it. Apart from that there is nothing extraordinary about him at all. An average Beast Wars figure with a little plus for the choice of fuzor components.

    Rating: C+
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    To be fair, his beast mode had some sort of spring loaded flap gimmick if I remember correctly. It's not something I remember messing with a lot though, so it must have been pretty underwhelming >: )
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    Funnily enough I was digging through my Beast Wars storage yesterday and paused to fiddle with this figure because I have two of them for some reason. He has a spring-loaded arm/wing thing. He was quite satisfying for a basic figure. Such simple pleasures. :) 

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