Review: Dr. Wu LED Pods for TFC Hercules

Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Reviews' started by payton34, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Yeah, not much of a review since it's only LED's, but anyway...

    No fancy packaging for the Dr. Wu LED Pods (and one was actually disassembled in the packaging):


    Also, all of mine (both green and black) had plenty of scratches where the paint came off. For the black ones, it's not that big of a deal as you could probably just get a sharpie to correct it. For the green, it may be more of a PITA especially if you want the colors to match.

    Speaking of which, the colors of the pods don't match the colors of the Herc figures. I guess they're close enough, but it's an ever-so-slightly darker shade of green on the pods, and they have a gloss finish to them, whereas there is no gloss on the Hercules figures.


    Oh, and one of my pods didn't work. Whether it's a blown bulb or in need of batteries, who knows. All in all, they're okay I guess. I ordered eight (2 black, 5 green and 1 green that was DOA), and probably will only keep one or two. They're nice, but when you factor in that they're not available stateside and have to pay overseas shipping, in the end they're not really worth the price IMO.
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    good review sir, if you want to sell one green and one black led lights I'd be willing to take the pair off your hands for what you paid for them. Also I don't mind if you give me the chipped paint one's.

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