Revenge of the Fallen Demolisher Tread Problem

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Squall42080, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I'm sure it's a matter of chemicals not getting along, but thought I should bring it to everyone's attention.

    I store my newer Transformers in Sterilite containers. Since none of them are exceptionally rare, I don't really put any bubble wrap padding between it's just solid toys. It's a consistently air conditioned apartment, and there is no direct sunlight on the containers as they are placed in a closet.

    After sorting through them, I pulled out Revenge of the Fallen Demolisher (the original red release), and found that his treads were stuck to the windshields of Skids and Mudflap. After peeling them off, I found that the treads actually ate into the plastic and paint of both toys.

    Again, I'm sure it's the chemicals in the rubber vs. the chemicals in the plastic/paint, but figured it might be a good time to check for anybody that stores their toys in a similar manner.

    The problem doesn't seem to extend to the TRU exclusive white repaint of Demolisher, but either way, I removed the treads from both toys, and temporarily stored them in separate zip-lock bags. Tomorrow I will get a little container to keep them in (cause I'm afraid the zip-lock bags might not be enough, and I heard they shouldn't be used with toys anyway).

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