Retro-Review: Beast Wars Tigatron

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    For more pictures, click on the image above

    Remarks: Tigatron is a remold of Cheetor, whom I’ve already reviewed in both his original and Telemocha incarnation, so just some remarks on the differences between the two toys.

    Side note: My first Tigatron was actually a knock-off, not an original. I bought it on Mallorca in one of those tourist shops. You can see pictures of it here. I’ve since acquired the real thing, though, so the copy has been sold at this year’s C.O.N.S. convention.

    Tigatron is a snow tiger, not a cheetah, so the beast head is made to look somewhat different by way of the paint job, despite being the same sculpt. The same goes for the robot face. Overall, though, they are the same figure, just with a different paint job. Originally it was planned to include quite a few sculpt changes in Tigatron, but that was put aside for budget reasons.

    Tigatron had a large role in the first season of the Beast Wars cartoon, being the first Protoform to awake on Earth, but he disappeared at the beginning of season 2. He later returned in season 3 together with Airrazor as part of Tigerhawk and the Botcon comics saw him resurrected once again in the body that once belonged to Ravage. If you already have Cheetor, you don't really need to get Tigatron unless you are a fan of the character (as I am) or want to complete the Beast Wars cast (as I do), but unless you want nothing to do with Beast Formers in general, you should own one version of this figure at least.

    Rating: B
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    My personal favorite color variation is the first Japanese version (like above but white instead of cream color). The Telemocha one was good, but something about the paint job on that one was off-putting to me.

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