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    When I was a kid, I used to listen to the old ladybird tapes with the accompanying Transformers books. I have no sight, so this was as good a way as any to get me into the fiction.
    Recently, I bought a tape deck from ebay and have been using my sound editing skills to restore a few of these old tapes. I used to design sound for radio and video games, ringtones etc, so this wasn't especially taxing, but something i really enjoyed.
    I know there have been a few attempts to put such things on youtube over the years, some with success, some not so much. Often there's a lot of hiss from the cassettes, or clarity isn't added to them etc. Some are almost illegible the sound is so bad.
    I would very much like to restore as many old transformers cassettes, remove the hiss, add slight bass, bring out the sound effects more and record them to MP3, but I need your help to do it. I don't have my old collection any more, but if people would be willing to send me their old tapes, be it transformers, gobots, masters of the universe or whatever, I could start to pull an archive together that people could access.
    I would of course take special care of your tapes so please have no fear on that front. I've seen so many tapes go wobbly and wonkey over the years, I really want to do this as soon as possible before the stories are lost forever.
    For an example of my work, here's a tape i remastered a year or so ago called ricky and the robugs, which some of you may remember.

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