Rescuing Ghosts-Short, spur of the moment one-shot.

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    This just came to me when I was filling out a bio for a character at a RP site ('s role-playing section, actually).

    It's just a short, simple story-but sometimes it's nice to take a break fro galaxy-spanning wars and puzzles, and just focus on two characters for a minute.

    The fic is about the lies of a opportunist and his conversation with a trusting mech-it's

    Rescuing Ghosts

    Lockdown raised his hand to his faceplate, and gently touched it-something he always did before he began one of his “stories”, as he called them.

    His smooth, “honest” sounding voice slithered out of is voice box, “Triggerhappy, listen. Let reason guide your actions,” he almost hissed whenever “S” was in a word. “For one of us to escape, the other must provide cover fire. And which one of us is best at that?”

    “…Me. But I trust you-and I can take more hits than you-I’ll go…?”

    Lockdown laid a hand on Triggerhappy’s shoulder. “I trust you-to provide me cover fire. True, you can take more hits than me-but you would be forced to fly out of here-and you would attract the shots of all the Autobots. My alternate mode puts me nearly flat to the ground-and the few shots aimed at me I could dodge. And, like I said before, you provide the best cover fire. I can hardly fire a gun.”

    Triggerhappy’s face showed he was considering what Lockdown had said. Lockdown took a moment to look at his dreadful surroundings for the one-hundredth time. He was in a hole that was created when some of Cybertron’s metal landscape had been torn from an explosion. Luckily, it had created cover for him and the other Decepticon. All around him, the sound of war persisted. And soon the advancing Autobots would discover them.

    “O-okay. You’ll send backup for me, right, Lockdown?”

    Lockdown chuckled. “Of course. I would never let you be stranded here, Triggerhappy.” It was almost true, for the most part. If Lockdown could ensure that he would not have to be one of the Decepticons sent back to rescue Triggerhappy, and it would not put any Decepticons in danger to rescue him-Lockdown would tell the Decepticons where Triggerhappy was. But if the Autobots had surrounded the area before Lockdown reached help, Triggerhappy would probably already be dead or captured-no need to risk other Decepticon’s lives rescuing ghosts. One Decepticon’s life equaled one Decepticon’s life-you could play no favorites. Unless, of course, it came to himself-Lockdown always valued his life more than any number of other Decepticons’ lives-or the fate of the whole Decepticon faction-but wasn’t that natural?

    “Then I’ll cover for you. Go,” Triggerhappy said.

    Inwardly, Lockdown smiled. Outwardly, he put on a sad face. “You know, if I could provide better cover fire, I’d have you go instead of me.”

    “I know.”

    Lockdown’s inward smile widened. His outside self somberly said “Good.”


    Transformers and all related material belongs to Hasbro and Takara/Tomy. Lockdown is my fan character, though he shares a name with an existing Transformer.

    All characters are used for fiction only, and I do not claim to own them.

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