Rescue Bots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

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    I was at Wal Mart yesterday and I often check for these guys. I was only going to get Optimus Prime but in anticipation of Bumblebee's appearance on the cartoon I decided to pick up both figures. I'm not keeping them of course because they're preschool toys. I picked them up because my friend has a 4 year old son and now I can get him started on Transformers. Mu ha ha ha!

    So anyway... the packaging says that there's only one step to transform them but that's not really accurate. They are simple but not that simple.

    With Optimus Prime to get him into vehicle mode you have to fold his legs and feet up. I'm counting this as two separate steps. Then you have to fold his arms in. The hands automatically fold in on their own when the arms are locked into place so they're not counted separately. And finally you fold the head down.

    To get him back into robot mode you simple fold the legs down which automatically releases the head and arms so that's all one step but then you still have to manually do the feet.

    For Bumblebee there are actually two steps in either direction. Pushing the legs up automatically moves the roof back into place while folding the front of the car over his head automatically folds his arms down. Same for the reverse. You can do this both at the same time so I guess it could count as one step but that's kind of a cheat.

    Anyway, Optimus is a nice cute representation of G1 Optimus Prime. He's technically a totally different character but the vehicle mode is the same, the transformation is the same, the color scheme is the same right down to the yellow eyes of the original toy. The only thing that's different is the style so as far as I'm concerned this is G1 Optimus Prime.

    Bumblebee however... is... well... different. He kinda does look like Movie and Animated had a baby. Then again so does Prime but Prime looks takes more after the movie side of the family and Rescue Bots takes more after the Animated side of the family. He's got a really nice molded in Autobot insignia where his license plate should be which shows up really well despite not being painted at all. The only thing that bothers me is that there is a huge chunk of gray plastic which really should have been yellow or black. The gray really stands out and doesn't really belong there. It doesn't look bad in robot mode but it's a real eye sore in vehicle mode.

    I'm not really sure how to rate these sense I don't feel comfortable rating a toy that says ages 4-6 on the packaging against a normal Transformers figure which are 5+ lets just say I thought these were cute and should be easy for my friends little 4 year to play with. Also maybe help with some motor functions if he can learn to transform them on his own. He has Cerebral Palsy so he might have a little trouble at first. That being said I'd fully recommend these for anyone who has little Transformers fans of their own running around that aren't ready for your collection yet.

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