Requiem At Autobot City

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    First FanFic here at TFW. I wrote this some years back, and just recently found and typed it up. Just something I wrote trying to fill in the blanks about the attack on Autobot City, and some of the deaths of popular characters that seemed to get a frame of attention then forgotten. I actually did homework on the scenes to make sure everything was both possibly, and timed, so no Transformer would be in two places at the same time.

    Two things I wanted to do with this:

    1. Show how the characters who died met their end
    2. Show how characters ended up where they did (I.E. Hound at the roadblock to Prime's shuttle)

    Transformers: Requiem At Autobot City
    Part 1 of 3
    By James Cooper

    The roar of Seekers overhead created a series of sonic booms that rattled the mountain passes. And a warning to all in earshot that it was already too late. If the Autobots weren’t aware of the Decepticon air raid already, this was a deafening wake-up call.

    Huffer dodged an aerial strafing, dropping debris from a roadblock only moments before had been shredded to bits by that immature Hot Rod. Shards of wood and plank that should have kept the road clear of traffic now only served as both a reminder to Hot Rod’s brash actions, and it’s own traffic hazzard, “Decepticons,” he cried out, noting Skywarp passing overhead. He turned back to Kup, the crotchety old-timer who had been overseeing the operation, but he was already gone, heading up the mountain pass to assist Hot Rod, who initiated the battles first incursion. In Kup’s place, he turned to Bluestreak, “Where did they come from?”

    Bluestreak helped pull Hound to his feet, who in turn tried to help Sunstreaker, who had fallen flat on his tailpipe, only to be waved away by the yellow Autobots arrogance. “Who cares,” Bluestreak replied, locking on to Skywarp as he sped towards the city, “I’m more worried about where they’re goin’!”


    One of his shoulder-mounted rockets tore loose from its holster and tailed the Cybertronian rogue, racking him mid fuselage, and sending him hurtling into a rocky empasse just over the hill. He turned and gave Hound a thumb’s up, smirking.

    Hound couldn’t bring himself to smile back. He turned to Huffer and pointed up the hill, “Huffer, follow Kup. If they’re still at Lookout Mountain, they’ll be cut off from the City, and need any help they can get!”

    “No problem,” Huffer replied, his seriousness only faintly masking his anger and disdain at the situation.

    “Sunstreaker, come with me,” he said, taking a few steps towards the City before transforming, his parts shifting to match that of a green Army jeep, “We’re going to try and reach Prime. If Blaster hasn’t already, I’m sure one of the first targets Megatron will gun for will be our radar arrays. We won’t survive the night if we’re cut off from Cybertron.”

    “Whatever you say,” Sunstreaker said, falling backwards. Before he had hit the ground, he had assumed the shape of a rear-engine-mounted Lamborghini and kicked up dust in his pursuit.

    Bluestreak smiled. He was alone, and he kind of liked it, despite the situation. Time for some long-range ballistics, he smiled, taking a route to the cliffs that looked down on the east side of the city. The best thing he could do now was try and help with suppress enemy fire from the roadways near the cities hub.


    Elsewhere, within the city itself, the skeleton shift that had been operating Autobot City was caught completely off guard by the instantaneous assault that rained down from the skies. Since Megatron had, almost thankfully, taking his army and operations back to Cybertron, in his attempt to regain hold of the planet, Autobot military presence was at it’s low. Not even Autobot’s greatest tacticians would have ventured to think Megatron would turn his attention back to the Sol system with such haste or lack of warning.

    “I thought Prime said we would have an alert issued the second the Decepticon’s left Cybertronian orbit,” Windcharger cried out loud, as he fire overhead at a passing Astrotrain, “What could have stopped them?”

    Wheeljack hunkered down behind a piece of upturned debris and managed a slight look over his shoulder at his fellow grunt, “I’d hate to think they took the moon bases without Prime even raising a flag about it,” he decided, “They might have sabotaged our trackers.”

    Windcharger used his electromagnetic-controlling abilities to pull the Insecticon Bombshell close enough to the ground for a better shot, “We managed to keep the operations secret, Wheeljack, how could they have found us?”

    Wheeljack fired an incendiary rocket from his shoulder which hit Bombshell, sending him hurtling into a nearby building, “Those bases put out enough juice that it would have been impossible to hide them forever. If they didn’t know we were there when we moved in, it was only a matter of time.”

    Windcharger opened fire on Starscream, as he sailed overhead. He could see the Seeker was moving as if his right side had taken a hit, and made that his target.

    The shot whipped past the airborne Decepticon, who spun around in a flash, transforming as he moved, and homed in on his attacker, “You dare attack me,” he wailed, firing a salvo of cluster bombs from under his wings, “Perish, Autobot!”

    Wheekjack snapped his arm around and fired. One shot clipped Starscream’s wing, and sent him off-course. The Decepticon pulled up and sped off almost instantly. Wheeljack sighed, That was over. Now to find cover--

    He heard the whistling first, and looked up. Windcharger had already moved, but Wheeljack was so preoccupied with fending off Starscream, he didn’t notice the cluster bombs falling.

    Windcharger managed to shove the scientist away on a pulse of magnetic energy, but the bomb exploded where Wheeljack had stood microseconds earlier, sending shrapnel everywhere. He looked on in horror as he saw metal scatter, and pierce Wheeljack above his spark casing, tearing a giant hole in his friend’s chest plate, and sending him to the ground motionless.


    Hot Rod laughed as Thundercracker missed another free shot, “Not the aerial branch’s hotshot ace, are you,” he goaded.

    “Watch the road, and move faster,” Kup yelled, trailing slightly behind, “The City is moving to battle mode any second, we’ve got fire incoming from a blind spot, and we’re on one of the most treacherous mountain roads in a 6.83 mile radius of the city, with another mile to go! I could stand to lose your taunts and loud mouth, lad!”

    Quietly, eerily, the enemy fire trailed off, and Thundercracker fell back to a higher altitude. “Where’d he go,” Daniel Witwicky asked, quiet and afraid in the driver’s seat of the flame-decaled cavalier Hot Rod.

    A ledge 2 stories higher than the road came into view as they rounded a curve, and in plain sight, Huffer stood with an energy pistol in each hand, firing as the Seeker rose into the blue sky, “Buzz off,” he yelled at the retreating enemy. He transformed and landed on the road, and joined the convoy with Kup and Hot Rod, “you two alright?”

    Kup ignored Huffer’s taunting at Thundercracker. He was hoping Hot Rod hadn’t heard it, since it would only egg the upstart on. “Why the slag aren’t you in the city, Huffer!?”

    “Order’s from Hound that you needed a hand and an extra gun, old fella,” he smirked, “Don’t tell me you didn’t need the help.”

    “Don’t listen to the old coot,” Hot Rod replied, “Any time someone shoots one of those flying toasters, I get a bit more giddy.”

    Huffer laughed aloud, pedal to the metal as he struggled to maintain traction on the thinning road. Only too late did he notice Thundercracker diving back down towards them, canons firing, “Keep going,” he yelled, “I’ll be fi--”

    Inside the city, Ultra Magnus had just given orders to everyone in earshot. Arcee shook her head, as she contemplated the order to transform the outlook complex into a fortress, “But Hot Rod and Kup are still outside the city!”

    A ruby-shaded visor slid from her face and overlapped her eyes. It zoomed on Hot Rod and Kup, flanked by Thundercracker, as they moved closer to the south entrance bridge. An explosion rocked the mountain wall behind them as they closed the distance, and she grimaced and gasped as she watched the orange cab that once made up Huffer’s alt mode burst into flames and exploded behind them.

    “We can’t wait,” Springer replied, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her along. It snapped her back to the moment, “They’ll have to take care of themselves, come on!”

    ~End Part 1
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    hey when are you gonna make more. IDk if you want too add them But do not forget the offscreen characters like mirage,smokescreen,redalert,tracks,and sideswipe,and trailbreaker they have apart in this too even though some of them died offscreen. Too me i also consider bluestreak dead since the decepticons picked of the autobots who were left outside they city as well. Btw the sceen with wheeljack and windcharager which one of them died. Btw if you are gonna include the offscreen character deaths you would have to tell the story of trailbreaker and smokescreens death since they were seen dead ann not showsn how they died. Trail breaker was seen lifeless while the decepticons reatreated from autobot city and smokescreen was shown dead next to wind charger in the storyboards. But mirage and red alert on the other hand. Mirage was fired up on afert shotting bombsheel by megatron while autobot city was transforming and red alert the next morning was shot in the back by a constructicon before prime and megatron fought. he was shot when he was retreating with ultra magnus,sideswipe and tracks. Sideswipe and tracks fates are unknown btw. I hope i ddi not ruin this story though.
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    This is pretty good. Hope that you post the rest of this fanfic. :D 
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    A great detailed look behind some of the unshown moments of the '86 movie Autobot City battle. Grippingly-written and saddening with how sudden the Autobots fall. Very nicely done!
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    A great start to stories we want told. Above-average writing as well. Typos, but no one's perfect! :thumbs2: 

    Nice work.

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