Customs: Request: Generations Fortress Maximus... as an Aircraft Carrier!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by StrifeZ, Apr 16, 2011.

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    So I've had this vision in my head for a while for a "Generations" Fortress Maximus for a commission if any one of the extremely gifted artists here is up to the challenge. It's a very rough idea... more like a general direction. The price of course, I expect to be pretty expensive for its size and I'm prepared for that. To me, this is my "dream Transformer", so it means a lot.

    So I'm envisioning Maximus as roughly Leader Class in height and bulk although slightly larger is okay (note: emphatically not nearly as big as the G1 original). Fortress Maximus would be done in the Generations style - a semi realistic Supercarrier alt-mode and very "Classic" inspired robot mode. Why a carrier rather than the Cybertron Metroplex-based customs that we see around? While those look amazing, I see an aircraft carrier more "real world" version of his Battle Station mode that is consistent with the Generations / Universe / RTS line. It would have typical Classics Transformer detailing and wouldn't be "real" beyond what is consistent with the Classics/Universe/Generations line (so no "wings" on the carrier, but blaster placements and big autobot logos are A-OK).

    How much it "sticks" to the classic Fort Max design beyond his obvious defining details (lots of fold out weapons in robot mode, his distinctive head) is up to you... I'm really trying to just describe what my idea is without being overbearing to the artist, so I'm not going to be picky. I just want something that looks legitimately like a Generations Fortress Maximus at roughly Leader scale whose alt mode happens to be a floating fortress a.k.a. an Aircraft Carrier.

    One thing that would request if possible is that it has a would be a roughly minicon or legends-sized head that became a robot like his Headmaster namesake.

    Transforming into City Mode is not something that is important. If it's a bonus due to how it was designed, that's cool.

    I see there being two ways to do this, depending on what the artist thinks is practical and reasonable.

    - A modification of Armada Tidal Wave. I think it's pretty obvious and a lot of people can see this one. The work would probably be in paint job, removing/adding parts to create the "Fort-Max" look, and a new head. While I think this would be interesting and great, it isn't my prefered direction unless the price for the next option is really unafordable.

    - A heavily customized work based on almost any transformer that fits the bill of course, and is a "no expense spared" attempt at making such a Fortress Maximus. This one would probably cost more I think, and I'd be willing to pay it.

    Timewise, I'm in no rush or anything, so if you have a job queued up, I can wait.

    If you're interested in doing this and have an idea (or hell, think my idea sucks and have a better one!) PM me with it, and with what you think it would cost to do. I'm really flexible... I'm just excited to see my dream Transformer get made!
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    hey StrifeZ, I can attest for Grimlockprime's good work.

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