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Discussion in 'Requests' started by exomega255, Apr 28, 2011.

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    I have a job that I would like to get done. I am
    looking for a top quality job, as I want some Fansproject figures
    modified and painted.

    Here are the details:

    I will be receiving Flameblast and Warcry. While Munitioner and
    Explorer is stuck on FP bruticus, I would like to combine Flameblast
    and Warcry into a combiner. I have spare combiner parts, but I also
    want this combiner to be unique.
    I thought about trying for Battle Gaia but getting a reverb and
    gunbarrel would cost almost as much as getting either Mun/Expl or
    another set of flameblast/warcry. Thus I have decided to get another
    FP pair to match Flameblast and Warcry for combining. But I would like
    the pair to be unique bots, both in weapon load-outs, and in paint.

    It doesn't matter whether I get an extra set of flameblast/warcry vs.
    Explorer/Munitioner, as the price is almost the same from my source. I
    would want minor mods on them so that they are 'different' in alt and
    bot mode slightly from what they originally, are. (aka, kinda like the
    diff btw a flameblast vs. explorer, or warcry vs. munitioner) And
    ofcourse a different paint job.

    Could you give me a price and availiability quote, knowing what the
    purpose of this repaint/minor mod should be doing; as well as
    suggestions, and if you take the job, if you prefer a
    flameblast/warcry pair to paint or a mun/expl.

    **Please also link me to your previous works!

    Thanks for reading,
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