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Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Mewtwo, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Mewtwo

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    Just got this email from Reprolabels! :D 

    Aaron Black

    Everyone's been working very hard to bring you some ingenious sticker sets this time around! Some are for toys that aren't currently on the shelves, but they've been heavily requested nonetheless.

    Justin has created several more Movie upgrade sets, beginning with a full set for ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime: - Movie Upgrade Set #33

    He's also put together an even larger set for ROTF Sentinel Prime, featuring additional graphics designed by Mike for Sentinel's weapons: - Movie Upgrade Set #35

    And a really unique set for DOTM Barricade and Crankcase to make them into matching police cruisers: - Movie Upgrade Set #45

    Thanks to Dani for building on the G1 selection with this massive repro set for Micromaster Countdown and his Rocket Base: - Countdown

    And we're not done! You've asked for more Prime sets, so here's FOUR great ones! Craig brings us our first full toy wrap, complete with instruction videos on just how to get his labels over all those complex curves on Prime Knockout: - P4

    And he made us a regular sticker set (but no less beautiful) for Prime Ratchet: - P5

    Now onto Bulkhead! Mike created two different sets for him. One for the PRID version: - P6

    And one for the elusive First Edition version, complete with 40 stickers for his wrecking ball (yes, 40!): - 1st Edition Bulkhead

    And of course, our free Con Symbols promo is still on... you receive a free set of white backed Decepticon symbols for every $20 you spend on TF stickers :) 
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