Customs: Replacing Onslaught's hands with Alternator hands

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by bellpeppers, May 1, 2011.

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    Been doing a little work on Universe Onslaught, and I want to replace his existing hands with Alternator hands.

    Why would I want to do this? Because:
    A) I like articulation- even limited articulation that Alt hands offer
    B) The character I am turning him into yields a sword.

    Taking apart the forearm of Onslaught showed me that there really isn't an 'easy' or feasable way to do this. The "wrist" that swivels into the forearm only has a post that the hand swivels on. Unfortunately, ther is also a post that completely goes through the 'wrist' for it to swivel on.

    Now, Alt hands have their own post and ball joint, and Alt. forearms have a 'cartridge' of sorts to house the Alt. ball joint.

    What I could do is remove the swivel post on Ons' wrist, drill a hole in his 'wrist' and inser the Alt. 'cartridge'. Only problem would be that post that skewers the wrist- I'd have to remove the center of it.

    My fear? Serious structural integrity issues with the forearm.

    Not only that, but the head of the screw in one of the Onslaught hands is stripped. If I remove that hand, it is getting cut off. Irrepairable.

    Would it be worth the effort and engineering to simply have articulated hands to hold a Grimlock sword?

    Would I be better off simply leaving the existing hands and fabbing a new sword?

    Thoughts and experiences would be greatly welcome.

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