Digibash: -Repaint WIP-Final Fantasy Cybertronian Gilgamesh

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    Fans of Final Fantasy we all know and love Gilgamesh and his dimension jumping tomfoolery.

    But what if he jumped into the Transformers Universe He changes his appearance in each dimension so what are we to expect Ill show you! (here is a photo shopped re deco of Banzaitron from the HFTD line)

    I plan to repaint my Banzaitron to match this of course there will be more paint than whats in the shopped photo. This is just to present the basic Idea of what I plan to do.

    I always shop the figures before I paint them so I have a reference. also the paint will look a lot better when it actually gets done. and to keep him neutral to his origin he will not have a faction symbol.

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