2D Artwork: Red Alert and Finch

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    My brother says this is his favorite of all my recent pieces.

    I like it too. :D 

    I called this one "Environment" because that's really what this one is all about. Straya wanted the two doing something together, so I figured since Red Alert is in charge of security, he might get the job of going to all the unlikely corridors and such to check out the resilience of his security modifications and since Finch's specialty is infiltration/reconaissance, who better to take along?

    (Although I get the feeling that this little venture was more Finch's doing than ol' Red's. )

    So they both climb down an access shaft into the murky, stench filled catacombs underneath Autobot City and realize that there's no light. Good thing Finch always carries a spare. Of course, she needs a little boost from Red Alert to insert the new bulb.

    I think Finch is a really cool character. To check out the creator's bio, read below. You'll find out some cool tidbits about the character:

    For a "tv version" of this image, click link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/Grungewerx/TV-Version---WEB.jpg

    Click link for a higher res image:




    Name: Skyfall, aka "Finch" (Ratchet gave her the name out of affection)
    Faction: Autobot (symbol should be located on chest, inside spread
    wing pattern)
    Gender: Female
    Alt Mode:Falcon
    Weapons: Photon blasters (mounted inside forearms under panels, not
    normally visible), beak, claws and a disorienting sonic falcon's
    Special Ability: Empathy

    Finch reports to Jazz as her immediate superior officer, seeing as
    how she is one of the Autobot's infiltration specialists. Standing
    about a head shorter than the likes of Prowl and Red Alert, Finch
    is a taller than a minibot, but without all the bulk of a 'Bot made
    for combat. She's fast and agile, whether it be in the air or on
    her own two feet, used to creeping through vent shafts and hanging
    from ceilings if need be. Despite being built for spy work,
    however, Finch sometimes gets a little over-zealous and will get
    out in the middle of a firefight when she really shouldn't be
    there. Her armor isn't as heavy as those of the warrior class,
    making her more vulnerable to attacks that hit home. (And unlike
    some femmes, Finch is also a bit more "tom-boyish" in her looks.
    Some curves, but not as "womanly" as a femme like Arcee.)

    Included in Finch's offensive and defensive arsenal are the
    abilities of an empath; she is able to sense the emotions of
    others, allowing her to determine when she is being lied to or to
    sense when someone hostile is coming her way. This is especially
    useful when she's on the job and trying NOT to get caught. Being
    able to sense who's around the corner can keep things from getting
    messy. Her range is somewhat limited, however, and in the midst of
    too many sentient creatures, things tend to blur together.
    (Stressing here, of course, that the ability is NOT outright mind
    reading. Empathy is only the ability to read emotions.)

    Unfortunately for those in the Ark who are workaholics and far too
    serious much of the time, this small femme is also something of a
    prankster who doesn't mind teaming with other trouble makers, such
    as Trailbreaker and Sideswipe, to raise a little hell now and
    again. One of Finch's favorite targets from the start was Red
    Alert, since he typically offered the most explosive reactions in
    return for things like getting a sign reading "HAWT AFT" glued to
    his hindside. But much like the girl in the schoolyard who takes
    to picking on a boy because she likes him, Finch began to take a
    real interest in the Autobot security director. At first, Red was
    not convinced that Finch's flirting was sincere. She had earned
    herself a reputation as a trickster and besides, who would take
    that sort of interest in HIM of all mechs? Insecure and aware that
    others often made fun of him behind his back, Red continually
    denied the possibility of a female taking interest in him...but in
    the end,

    Finch won out. And once the femme had her mech, the pranks on poor
    Red ceased, Finch voluntarily becoming his second set of optics at
    times when increased security at the Ark was necessary.
    ...although this isn't to say she never pulled another prank,
    again. Trailbreaker will advise that it's wise to check your
    berth, favorite chair and the floor in your dorm hall regularly,
    since you never know when something will be covered in grease, glue
    or paint. (And Sunstreaker still hasn't forgiven Finch for the
    dead skunk under his recharge berth.)
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    Nice artwork there. I dont really feel the connection with Red Alert's smirk; I see him more the paranoid schizo type myself. Finch is an interesting character, but I really see Predacon Divebomb there. Is she loosely based off of Divebomb perhaps?

    And "berth" is another word for "bed," right? I remember hearing about that somewhere.

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    Yes, she is based off of Divebomb's design.
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    Nicely done man.

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