Minor/Repaint: Recon Ironhide Touch-ups

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by JacobPGalvatron, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Ironhide is one of my favorite movie characters.
    So, when I saw the pics for the new Recon Ironhide figure, I got pretty excited.
    After a half of a year of waiting, I got it in hand.
    It was everything I had heard about it, but there was a bit of a problem.

    I thought he was a bit underpainted.
    I guess that's the trade-off for six new weapons, a new head, and a complete retool of the cab.
    Well, I bought some paints, and I set off to do my first painting... operation.

    Vehicle mode: Where the main issue lied.
    All those grey bits looked really odd.
    So, I painted them silver.
    I also went over the pipes and the metal plates on the doors.
    Also, I painted a few minor details that can be seen easier in the...

    Robot mode!

    Overall, I thought the robot mode was a little better.
    I accented his thighs and arms with a bit of silver, though.

    I tried to match the face to the one on the box.
    Some of it was already painted, so this part was pretty easy.

    Now, the best part of the toy... the weapons!
    So, his main cannon. I tried to match the movie version as best as I could.
    I believe that this is my best painted weapon.
    The missile laucher is pretty much flat black, but with some silver accents.

    For the rest of his arsenal, I pretty much did just as I did as with the missile launcher.
    The knives were the reverse though.
    I also painted a little lense on the rifle.

    Overall, I think I did a decent job for a newbie.
    I am very far away from having some of the talent I've seen.
    But, practice makes perfect. I've already got some new projects I wanna do.
    I guess we'll see what happens...

    More pictures, mostly close ups.

    Ya feel lucky, punk!?

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  2. SonOfNemesis

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    Looks good, I like all the added detail. It's nice to be able to customize our tformers huh?
  3. javaco

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    looks great!
    i really want that ironhide. i already have the first movie one. but the new head and smaller cannons, and other weapons i think might be worth it to swap parts around!

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