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    not sure about this being the correct thread, but here goes...

    i always wanted a rec room with the big arcade machines. like i wanted the old star wars arcade game, there was an airline simulator where you had to land jumbo jets... i guess you could call em cockpit cabinets.

    my dream back in high school was to have those BattleTech simulators like you could find in Chicago, SF, and japan (and they televised tournaments on Sci-Fi back then.)

    But there was one thing i wanted most, even though it creeped the hell outta me just looking at it.
    it was a pinball machine

    i loved TTZ, but as a kid i had watched that 80s remake with the new Jerry Garcia theme and the music playing and then that ghostly shot of Rod creeped me out and stuck with me even when i was older and saw this thing.
    but i still want it.

    you got any special arcade machines or games you'd love to toss in a rec room?
    (anything but

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