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    Hi! Strikimus Prime here. In order to make my orders easier to complete, I will be selling only a select chosen group of Transformers at one time. Once that group has been sold, I will choose another select group and sell them. This saves me the trouble of having to dig through my large collection and take up time. The first group is as follows:

    Brand New Energon Megatron
    Brand New Energon Starscream
    Jap re-issue G1 Megatron (opened but re-packaged and complete)
    Jap re-issue G1 Starscream (opened but re-packaged and complete)
    Brand New Armada Hot Shot
    Hasbro re-issue G1 Thundercracker (opened but re-packaged and complete)
    Brand New Titanium series Die-cast tank Megatron
    Jap re-issue G1 Prowl (opened but re-packaged and complete)
    Jap re-issue Ultra Magnus (opened but complete and loosely re-packaged)
    Brand new Titanium series Die-cast Optimus Prime mini-figure
    Brand new Titanium series Die-cast Autobot Starship Ark mini-figure
    Loose G1 Red Alert (major wear and no accessories)
    Loose G1 Perceptor (fair amount of wear and appears to be complete)(no manual)
    Loose G2 Dinobot Slag (no accessories but in good condition)
    Loose G2 Dinobot Snarl (no accessories, in descent condition, but has leg
    which pops off in robot mode)
    Loose original Beast Wars Waspinator (loose but complete and in good
    condition)(no manual)
    Loose Armada Starscream (complete with Mini-con, manual, and accessories)

    Please contact me if any of these figures interest you...

    Strikimus Prime

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