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    Have you ever wondered what a movie would look like if it was made today, tomorrow or fifty years ago? Re-cast any movie in any decade.

    The other day I was wondering what Jurassic Park would have looked like if they had made it in 1948. Alot of claymation like King Kong or the Lost World, but a stellar cast would have still made it a classic.

    Grant: Gregory Peck.
    Sattler: Priscilla Lane.
    Malcolm: Jimmy Stewart.
    Genarro: Paul Henreid.
    Nedry (Maybe an electrician in 1948 instead of a computer expert): Peter Loree.
    Hammond: Frank Morgan.
    Muldoon: Basil Rathbone.
    Dodgson (Mobster would make more sense than the head of a pharmaceutical company): James Cagney.
    Ed Regis (Hated he wasn't cast in '93 & a tour guide is very necessary in the 40s): Gary Cooper.
    Lex & Tim: Any kids they could find.

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