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    This is based partially off of the post I made in the "Which campaign will you start with" thread but I have something else.

    1) A lot of people have been saying that they want to play the Decepticon campaign first only because it is chronological. That's ok, but it might be interesting to play the Autobot one first and think of it like Star Wars: See the end of the story first from mainly the good guys' point of view, but then get to see the origins of the bad guys' campaign against the good guys that you just finished seeing. Just an idea....

    2) I had an idea that may make the campaign more worthwhile:

    It would play out similar to the LEGO games where you have a set group of characters to control at the start and whoever you are not controlling follows you and fights with you. You can switch between any of the characters but your friends can play along drop in/drop out style. Once you beat a certain level, you have the option to go back into that level later with any characters you unlocked from later levels and some of their exclusive abilities can be used in the past levels to unlock secret areas containing unlockables.

    Furthermore, there could be two endings to the game and there are choices to be made throughout each campaign that will determine which one you get. Kind of like in Star Wars The Force Unleashed, there will be a "right" ending that will lead into the cartoon but then there will be the alternate one where the good guys don't exactly win.

    It could present reasons to go back and play the campaign other than just for fun or for a couple lame achievements

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