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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by valiant_knight, Jun 12, 2007.

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    I have a couple things for sale to help fund the purchase of an RC Boat. All prices are negotiable within reason. Payment is via paypal (cc paypal add 4%) or money order, I prefer paypal. Prices include shipping only if its specified in the items description

    I have for sale a mib Yamato 1/48 scale vf1j stealth valk, its been taken out of the box once but never transformed, all paperwork and stickers are sealed inside the factory baggie. Box is near perfect but has a ding in the corner due to transit issues. Asking $130 for this guy shipped.

    Next is a Bandai Reissue 1/55 scale super valk, complete mib only been out of the box once and never transformed. Toy is perfect, and so is the box. Asking $120 for this guy.

    Next is a toynami Masterpiece voltron MIB numbered 2167 and has only been removed once for display then put back in the box, all paperwork is sealed in the factory baggie. Comes with all parts plus bookstyle box and white outter box. Asking $100 for this one

    Next is a couple of Microment figures:
    Evangelion Rey Plug chick mosc $15
    Evangelion Asuka Plug Chick MOSC $15
    Chun Li MOSC $15
    Super girl MOSC $15

    Robot Masters
    Burning Convoy MISB $20
    Beast Convoy MIB $20
    Beast Megatron MIB $20
    Starscream MIB $25

    Astrotrain c8 no weapons good stickers $15
    Laserbeak Complete c8 $20

    More to come. I'm always open to trades but I'm only looking for a few things I'm looking for are:
    KO G1 black convoy
    MP-02 Magnus
    kiss players hot rodimus
    BT Shockblast/laserwave

    I will only ship within the US and Canada, unless I've dealt with you before. Thanks


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