Ravage with LED and blaster effects!

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    No Decepticon has a stronger loyalty to Megatron than Ravage. One of Soundwave's most reliable spies, Ravage believes unwaveringly in the Decepticon cause, and Megatron embodies that cause. To better serve Megatron and the Decepticons, Ravage has become the most efficient and deadly war machine under his command. He hides himself in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike with grim accuracy. His name is synonymous with stealth. His survivors are few.

    Ravage's only weakness is bright light, which can temporarily blind him. Perhaps his absolute loyalty to Megatron can blind him as well.

    Sometimes he's a talker, other times he just growls or hisses at anything that isn't Megatron or Soundwave.

    Ravage has been fully cleaned prepped and painted and wired for LED in his "Eye" easy accessable switch and battery. Blasters on his back have been given a blast spit fire effect! I use only the best paints, Kustom Kolor by Valspar. These are the same quality paints that customizers Frenzy_Rumble and Encline Design use!!

    You can see my previous work done at http://www.figurerealm.com/viewcustomfigures.php?op=4&id=6380 and I am also a member of www.procustomizers.com user name noturkidstoys

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