Rate your TF:Prime collection!

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  1. WheelWave140

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    Jul 28, 2012
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    Title pretty much says it all, you make a list of the figures you display, then rate them out of 10 and include a short reason why you display that version

    Specificly like this
    1. FE Arcee 8/10. I like the color and the way she transforms.
  2. Cyberglyph

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    1. Terrorcon Bumblebee 8.5/10 It has great colors, but the stickers and the mold are just

    That is my Prime collection.
  3. Grimlock22

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    Mar 27, 2012
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    Hell on Earth
    PRID CJ 11/10 (can't wait to get his FE )

    PRID Soundwave 5/10 not much poseibility with this guy

    FE Arcee 6/10

    Only figures i have till January when wave 2 should finallybe here and i get Bulk KO and some others
  4. Kup-is-Dion

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    My WHOLE collection?!
    1:Wheeljack 10/10
    That is all
  5. Flyby33

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Everything is displayed:
    1 fe arcee 8/10
    2 fe bb 6/10
    3 fe prime 10/10
    4 fe cj 8/10
    5 fe bulkhead 10/10
    6 fe deluxe sdcc prime 6/10
    7 fe nycc BB & arcee 7/10
    8 rid wheeljack 9/10
    9 rid hot shot 8/10
    10 rid voy prime 7/10
    11 rid ratchet 7/10
    12 rid cj 7/10
    13 rid kup 5/10
    14 rid shadow strike bb 7/10
    15 sdcc terrocon cj 8/10
    16 jet vehicon x3 10/10
    16 rid vehicon x3 10/10
    17 deadend 9/10
    18 rid voy megatron 9/10
    20 rid voy dreadwing 10/10
    21 am breakdown 10/10
    22 fe starscream 10/10
    23 am skyward 10/10
    24 rid rumble 8/10
    25 rid knockout 7/10
    26 rid soundwave 9/10
    27 rid airrachnid 6/10
    All are deluxe or voyager no cyberverse
  6. Bountyan

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    FE Arcee 4/10.
    I don't like it much. Face is ugly, I don't like the shoulder kibble, and she's too tall. Her blades are also too big. Just blech compared to the PRID version.

    FE Bumblebee 6/10.
    Also didn't like it much until I got the Reprolabels set. A bunch of the joints are floppy, the arms are awkward, and the ankle kibble is too chunky.

    FE Optimus 9/10.
    Only real flaws are that you need to fix the neck out of the package and the shin part doesn't stay locked in for shit.

    FE Bulkhead 9/10.
    Very good; transformation is innovative, both modes are good. Though I find the arm pieces get in the way of articulation sometimes and I'm not a fan of the robot kibble in alt mode- though it can't really be helped.

    FE Starscream 8.5/10.
    Pretty much perfect robot mode, but the alt mode is mediocre due to the kibble.

    FE Cliffjumper 8/10.
    Decent except for his legs, which are too boxy. I wish they found a way to make the body not hollow from the side. I can literally stick my finger through the figure.

    PRID Soundwave 8/10.
    Transformation is nice and simple and the robot mode captures the silhouette of the show well but the legs are too chunky with the kibble.

    PRID Wheeljack 7.5/10.
    Pretty good but the arms are wonky. Unless you fan mode them they're hilariously long and the articulation isn't great. Would have preferred a non-faceplated head. Eyes could use better light piping.

    PRID Bumblebee 6.5/10.
    Shoulders suck, and lacks a bunch of the detail the First Edition has. But his transformation is more fun and at least he has two guns.

    PRID Ratchet 7/10.
    Looks really plain unless you paint a bunch of details on him. Weapons are cool though.

    PRID Megatron 6.5/10.
    Looks horrible unless you paint him up. Alt mode is stupid but that's more of a flaw from the show rather than the toy. The cannon is too big because of the stupid light up gimmick. But I like how they integrated a sword into it and his light piping is good. Also the piece that holds the arms tends to disconnect easily. Rather annoying.

    Arms Micron Breakdown 8.5/10.
    Another great voyager toy. Only real thing I don't like about it are the kibbly arms.
  7. megatroptimus

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    1 fe arcee 8/10
    2 fe bb 6/10 (annoying shoulders)
    3 fe prime 10/10
    4 fe cj 9/10
    5 fe bulkhead 10/10
    6 fe deluxe sdcc prime 8/10
    7 rid wheeljack 9/10
    8 rid hot shot 8/10
    9 rid voy prime 7/10
    10 rid ratchet 6/10 (hate the legs and the chest)
    11 rid cj 7/10
    12 jet vehicon x3 9/10
    13 rid vehicon x3 9/10
    14 rid voy megatron 7/10
    15 am breakdown 10/10
    16 fe starscream 9/10
    17 rid knockout 8/10
    18 rid soundwave 7/10
    19 rid airrachnid 0/10 (worst TF in years)
    20 rid bulkhead 7/10
    21 rid starscream 7/10
    22 AM Voyager Prime 8/10
    23 AM Voyager Starscream 8/10
    24 AM Voyager Megatron 8/10
    25 AM Soundwave 7/10
    26 AM Bumblebee 8/10
    27 rid Bumblebee 7/10
    28 rid Arcee 6/10 (incredibly boring, tranforms 1-2-3)
    29 AM Arcee 7/10
    30 AM Voyager Battle Shield Prime 9/10
    31 AM Voyager Darkness Megatron 9/10
  8. TFtoycollector

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    Feb 12, 2010
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    FE Optimus - 10/10
    FE Bulkhead - 10/10
    RID Voy Megatron - 8/10
    RID Voy Optimus - 7/10
    Dlx FE Bumblebee - 9/10
    Dlx FE Starscream - 10/10
    Dlx RID Wheeljack - 10/10
    Dlx RID Arcee - 8/10
    Dlx RID Ratchet - 8/10
    Dlx RID Knockout - 9/10
    Dlx RID Soundwave - 7/10
    Dlx RID Sgt Kup - 9/10
    Dlx RID Cliffjumper - 7/10
    Dlx RID Vehicon - 10/10
    AM Jet Vehicon - 10/10
    AM Voy Swerve - 9/10
  9. Reaper Cloud

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    I'll play along. Even follow the rules. :) 


    Arcee- 7.5/10
    I feel that this mold is inferior compared to the First Edition figure. The transformation is also a bit too easy.

    Arcee (First Edition)- 8/10
    When I first had this figure, I really liked it. The cartoon has made me dislike any Arcee figure, since she is even more annoying than Miko now. Cartoon bias aside, I would rate the toy a 9/10.

    Bumblebee- 7/10
    Seeing this figure at any toy store makes the score so low. That, and the simplistic transformation...add to the fact that I'm not a Bumblebee fan (imagine that Hasbro!), and I only buy them to complete a wave.

    Bumblebee (First Edition)- 8.5/10
    I prefer the look and transformation of this figure over the Prime RID one. Hasbro took their time, and it shows.

    Shadow Strike Bumblebee- 7.5/10
    The paint detail on this version of Bumblebee works well. Well enough to gain half a point on the score anyways.

    Hot Shot- 8/10
    Reusing the Bumblebee mold (while making an actual cool character in the process) and making someone who has their own personality, Hot Shot definitely doesn't scream "Bumblebee with a new paint job." He's so cool, I have him on the Decepticon team.

    Cliffjumper- 6.5/10
    The weakest Autobot Deluxe figure so far. His transformation is 'meh', as he seems so small for a Deluxe. Plus we never get to see much of his character on the cartoon...but that didn't stop Hasbro from making three figures of him though.

    Cliffjumper (First Edition) *Currently Do Not Have*
    I plan on getting him when the rest of the First Edition figures are out in the U.S. later this year.

    Cliffjumper (Zombie) *Currently Do Not Have*
    I plan on getting him when the rest of the First Edition figures are out in the U.S. later this year.

    Ratchet- 9/10
    If it wasn't for the lack of paint details, this figure would have had a 9.5/10. The transformation is very cool, and I like how the figure comes with two blades.

    Wheeljack- 9.75/10
    My highest rated Autobot Deluxe figure. He would have had a perfect score if Hasbro included a grenade or had the head designed to make the face guard slide away. The transformation is very complex, and you don't end up with a lot of kibble anywhere. This figure is what made me interested in the Prime toys.

    Kup- 8.25/10
    The green color didn't make me go "I WANT IRONHIDE IN RED DAMNIT!!!" since I can see this figure as Kup. The transformation was fun, but the hands just hiding in the cab on the truck was weird. I also didn't like the arrowhead shaped HOLE in the truck bed. Luckily another collector figured out how to fix that annoying piece that hangs up over Kup's head and can be hidden more correctly.

    Optimus Prime (First Edition)- 8/10
    The transformation is average, so nothing too fancy worth noting. It is like having a smaller version of the Voyager First Edition in some ways.


    Starscream (First Edition)- 9/10
    I am surprised that Hasbro hasn't made a Prime RID figure yet for Starscream...meaning that anyone who wants one needs to find a First Edition figure (which shouldn't be an issue soon). The figure looks great, and the vehicle mode is cool in parts. I dislike the soft rubber on the head and knees, since it likes to bend.

    Vehicon- 9.75/10
    My favorite Decepticon Deluxe. The reason why it isn't a perfect score is because Hasbro decided to use cheap snap on wheels instead of using the metal pins for the wheels to roll easier on. The transformation is almost magical, and there is good reason why you can barely find this figure in stores (besides the low-life scalpers), since he is that damn good!

    Vehicon (First Edition) *Currently Do Not Have*
    I plan on getting him when the rest of the First Edition figures are out in the U.S. later this year.

    Jet Vehicon (Arms Micron)- 9.25/10
    Hopefully Hasbro will release this figure in the U.S., since it is a very cool reuse of the Vehicon mold (with a few changes). The lower score is because of the stickers (I understand why they went this way), and for the animal/weapon gimmick...that I'm not a huge fan of.

    Dead End- 9.5/10
    A great way to reuse the Wheeljack mold and create a very weird looking Decepticon. He's my "Makeshift" from the cartoon who was made this way after the explosion from Wheeljack's grenade. The colors are a bit too weird for me to warrant a perfect score though.

    Airachnid- 5/10
    The worst Decepticon in my collection and by FAR...the worst Deluxe figure period! This "Thing" is a disgrace to the Prime line, and whoever designed this monstrosity should be ashamed of themselves. I have NO idea why this figure is so hard to find! Unless people like buying crap?

    Rumble *Currently Do Not Have*
    Will buy once my stores decide to stock him.

    Knock Out- 7/10
    I really like this character, so it's a shame that Hasbro failed so badly with the design for the figure. The lack of paint, and the 'meh' transformation makes me wish that a second version of this figure is made in the future. One that doesn't suck so much.

    Soundwave- 9.5/10
    A very cool figure, based on an even cooler character on the cartoon. The fact that Laserbeak comes from his chest is just extremely awesome! His robot mode even gives you that silent, menacing appearance that mimics how he is on the cartoon.

    Megatron (First Edition)- 9.25/10
    A great figure in robot mode, while having a somewhat lacking vehicle mode. If it was based on something found on Earth, it would probably be better...but just making a Cybertronian spaceship/jet is a bit of a cheap way to make it transform into something. I actually prefer how this figure looks to the Voyager figure. Especially with the arm weapon.


    Optimus Prime- 8/10
    I like how the chest in robot mode is the actual windshield from the vehicle mode. No cheating was done here. The weapon gimmick is lame and hurts the overall score. I also liked the transformation, since it doesn't come across as too easy.

    Optimus Prime (First Edition) *Currently Do Not Have*
    I plan on getting him when the rest of the First Edition figures are out in the U.S. later this year.

    Bulkhead- 8/10
    Another figure stuck with a stupid weaponizer gimmick. It is very obvious how the First Edition figure is superior when compared to that mold...but for what it's worth, this figure is still fun to transform and looks good on the shelf.

    Bulkhead (First Edition) *Currently Do Not Have*
    I plan on getting him when the rest of the First Edition figures are out in the U.S. later this year.


    Starscream- 8/10
    Knocking a point because Hasbro thinks that people like this garbage known as weapon gimmicks. Plus I dislike how the legs won't peg/slot into place anywhere (while in robot mode), and how the nosecone in vehicle mode won't line up straight (at least it won't on mine). Robot mode is fine, but in jet form...it isn't pretty.

    Megatron- 9/10
    The weapon isn't too bad for Megatron, since it can be manipulated without having to take it apart. Robot mode is okay, but I still have issues with the vehicle mode. Just too lazy looking, and having the head showing in robot mode (while screen accurate) is chuckle-worthy.

    Dreadwing- 9.25/10
    If only Starscream's jet mode was as awesome as Dreadwing's. :D  Seriously, if you transform this guy correctly, it feels like a solid jet. No crooked nosecone like Starscream, and the jet has some bulk to it. Yeah, Dreadwing is a huge guy while Starscream is thin...but the Deluxe Starscream does the jet mode more properly in my opinion. The rubber parts did not bother me, since my fins look straight. They did change up the Powerizer weapon, so instead of clipping one small metal piece, I had to remove the spring to keep the weapon open. No big deal, since all Powerizer weapons suck...except Megatron's. lol

    Cyberverse Legion/Autobots

    Bumblebee- 7.5/10
    The transformation is easy, but it works. Average score for an average character.

    Bumblebee (Quickblade) *Currently Do Not Have*
    Will buy once my stores decide to stock him.

    Cliffjumper- 8/10
    Besides having his feet form from part of the trunk, this figure has a decent transformation. I like this guy better than the Prime RID figure, since it seems to blend in with the other Legion figures very well.

    Tailgate- 7/10
    The paint job is very cool, but my figure is a loose mess with joints. I'll have to fix this with floor polish, but I should have to. I have noticed that a lot of the repainted figures have worse joints than the ones that came out first. They also seem to have at least one spot that won't hold together tightly in vehicle mode. Cliffjumper is perfect in vehicle mode, while Tailgate has issues where the doors won't stay close to the body. Maybe it's just my figures with these problems, but I'm adding it to my score.

    Arcee- 6/10
    My figure has a quality control issue, since the windshield likes to fall off during transformation. This was fixed though, since my Flamewar figure can transform without the piece falling off (they are the same mold). Super easy transformation, and my dislike for the character is clearly obvious once again with my score.

    Wheeljack- 9/10
    The paint details are a little different (compared to the figure which comes with the vehicle), and he doesn't come with his trademark swords. Transformation still rocks though!

    Wheeljack (with Star Hammer)- 9.5/10
    I seem to be favoring this guy with my scores. lol I just really like the paint details, and the transformation is great for such a small figure. Plus he comes with swords (or hockey sticks).

    Ratchet- 8.5/10
    I like how this guy transformed, and the robot mode is okay. The face seemed a bit off, since it looks like it is missing some paint detail.

    Fallback- 8.25/10
    Not bad as a figure, but I'm still upset that Breakdown wasn't made as a Commander sized figure. -_- The transformation is fun, and this guy easily fits in with my "Shattered Glass" line.

    Cyberverse Legion/Decepticons

    Knock Out *Currently Do Not Have*
    Will buy once my stores decide to stock him.

    Knock Out (with Energon Driller)- 7.5/10
    Another Knock Out figure with very weak paint details. The transformation is okay, with the legs being the weakest part. He does come with some cool weapons though.

    Breakdown- 6/10
    Hasbro...here's a clue. YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE HIM AS A COMMANDER! Why have Bulkhead large and him small?! They are rivals! The transformation is good, but since he is so damn small, the score needs to address this fact.

    Flamewar- 8.5/10
    With the fixed windshield (explained with Arcee), and the addition of the extra paint, this figure is very cool. Especially since this is a Decepticon figure. I would love to see this idea done with a First Edition Deluxe mold.

    Vehicon- 7.5/10
    It's a shame that the robot mode has the flaps sticking out on the arms...which makes it look stupid in my opinion. Vehicle mode is fine though.

    Cyberverse Commander/Autobots

    Optimus Prime- 8/10
    I like the transformation, since some parts are held together tightly. It's your basic Prime figure though in the end.

    Optimus Prime (Nightwatch)- 8/10
    Although it isn't labeled as such, this is my Nemesis Prime from the cartoon...and I'm sure others have done the same thing. I like how the different painted areas make it look like a different character, while still looking somewhat like Prime.

    Bulkhead- 9.25/10
    The best Commander out of the group so far. The transformation is very nice, and both modes are surprisingly accurate to the cartoon. He's just fun to transform back and forth.

    Battle Tactics Bulkhead- 9.25/10
    These repaints are giving me the chance to have a "Shattered Glass" team of characters, without spending a small fortune. Same great transformation, but with a cool black paint job.

    Ironhide- 8.5/10
    A cool figure, although he isn't on the cartoon yet. I like how he transformed, but since I can't identify him with a character on the cartoon...he has a slightly lower score.

    Ultra Magnus- 8.25/10
    The transformation is good, but my figure has a very hard time holding the large hammer weapon. It refuses to clip into the hand, and just balances there. Plus the wheels don't roll freely, and all of them won't touch the ground at once...no matter how I transform it.

    Cyberverse Commander/Decepticons

    Megatron- 9/10
    A great robot mode, with a weak vehicle mode. Sounds like I've said that once before. The arm cannon looks very cool in robot mode, and even looks okay in vehicle form. The transformation is a bit weird, but by making a small change...it helps hide the large spot of blue in vehicle form.

    Starscream- 8/10
    An okay transformation that borders on being almost too easy. The legs are very visible in jet form, which hurts the overall score. Robot mode is very cool though.

    Dreadwing- 9/10
    This is a figure that manages to do a vehicle mode and a robot mode very well (especially for its size). I like the colors on this figure, and how it comes with two different weapons.

    Skyquake- 9/10
    The different color used for this figure works, since it isn't just a repaint for Dreadwing. This is the brother of Dreadwing, and although the mold is the same...the character has its own feel to it.

    If this topic isn't buried by the time I get the First Edition figures (or any other new figures), I'll update my scores/opinions on them.
  10. Bumblebee765

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    Sep 18, 2011
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    First Edition Bumblebee: 10/10 I just love this figure! I got him for Christmas last year and he's still fun to play with! :D 
  11. Sideways77

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    All of them?

    RiD Prime- 8/10
    RiD Megatron- 8/10
    RiD Starscream- 9.5/10
    RiD Bumblebee- 6/10
    RiD Ratchet- 5/10
    RiD Wheeljack- 7/10
    RiD Soundwave- 9/10
    RiD Arcee- 9.5/10
    FE Arcee- 7/10
    AM Breakdown- 9.75/10
  12. er4smiths

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    Mar 20, 2008
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    FE Voyager Optimus Prime - 10/10 - as far as TF toys go...near flawless
    RID Voyager Dreadwing - 9.75/10 - same as above, my only complaint is he's not the same height as FE Optimus.
    Takara AM Breakdown - 9.5/10 - perfect except for the arms. I hate them.
    FE Bulkhead - 9/10 - pretty amazing. Just not stocky enough in the legs.
    RID WJ - 9/10
    RID Vehicon - 9.5/10
    RID Megatron - 9/10 - great figure, just too small
    FE SS - 10/10
    RID Ratchet - 9/10
    RID CJ - 9/10
    RID Arcee - 8.5/10 - too big and kibbly
    RID Arachnid - 8/10 - so close yet missed it
    RID Soundwave - 9.5/10
    RID KO - 7/10 they really missed the mark on this toy
    RID Voyager OP - 6/10 - hate it, especially after they nailed perfection.
    FE deluxe OP - 3/10 just atrocious. At least truck mode is ok
    RID voyager SS - 7/10 not in scale with anything, worse than deluxe
    FE Arcee - 7.5/10
    FE CJ - 9/10
    FE deluxe Megatron - 9/10
    RID Bulkhead - 7/10 I think the legs look better than FE
  13. Kilowog

    Kilowog ORA ORA ORA

    May 9, 2012
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    FE Deluxe Bumblebee ('Ultimate Enemies' Entertainment Pack) - 7/10
    Add-Ons: 2nd gun I got

    RiD Deluxe Arcee - 7.5/10
    Add-Ons: None, plan on getting fakebusker blasters and am looking for a 2nd blade

    RiD Deluxe Wheeljack - 9/10
    Add-Ons: Dr. Wu face & grenade, Fakebusker guns & grenade

    RiD Deluxe Autobot Ratchet - 7.5/10
    Add-Ons: Reprolabels

    FE Voyager Optimus Prime (Tokyo Toy Fair Shining Optimus) - 9/10
    Add-Ons: Fakebusker smokestacks, pair of Dr. Wu guns and blades, Dr. Wu face, Dr. Wu Prima Sword, (plan on getting Big Hache's trailer when complete)

    RiD Voyager Optimus Prime (SOLD) - 8/10
    Add-Ons: none, given to FE Prime

    FE Voyager Bulkhead - 9/10
    Add-Ons: None, plan on getting Dreamworks guns, and debating reprolabels

    RiD Voyager Bulkhead (SOLD) - 7.5/10
    Add-Ons: none

    Cyberverse Legion Autobot Tailgate - in the mail

    Arms Micron Deluxe Smokescreen - Intend to get
    Add-Ons: none


    RiD Voyager Megatron (plan on replacing with BBTS Dark Energon Megatron) - 8/10
    Add-Ons: Ordered a 'Wallet Crusher' Emperor of Destruction Cannon from MBT/ThinkTank to be painted to go with DE Megs

    FE Deluxe Starscream ('Ultimate Enemies' Entertainment Pack) - 8.5/10
    Add-Ons: Fakebusker kit (missles, knee spikes, forehead crest and null ray)

    Arms Micron Voyager War Breakdown - 8.5/10
    Add-Ons: none, gonna look into modying a cyberverse bd gun to go on his shoulder

    RiD Deluxe Knock Out - 7/10
    Add-Ons: Reprolabels, Fakebusker weapon set (currently commissioning frenzyrumble to paint and assemble)

    Arms Micron Deluxe Decepticon Vehicon - 9.5/10
    Add-Ons: none

    Arms Micron Deluxe Jet Vehicon) - 9.5/10
    Add-Ons: none

    FE Deluxe Vehicon - 7.5/10
    Add-Ons: none

    RiD Deluxe Airrachnid - 4.5/10
    Add-Ons: none, intend to get fakebusker's megakit when available

    RiD Deluxe Soundwave - 7/10
    Add-Ons: zoso1900's soundwave tentacles

    RiD Voyager Dreadwing - 8.5/10
    Add-Ons: none

    RiD Voyager Skyquake - intend to get
    Add-Ons: Kotobukiya Model Gatling Gun


    Arms Micron Voyager Gaia Unicron - preordered
    Add-Ons: none

    FE Deluxe Cliffjumper (SDCC 'Rust in Peace' Edition) - 8/10
    Add-Ons: none


    Arms Micron Voyager Nemesis Prime) - preordered
    Add-Ons: none, MAYBE get another set of dr. Wu weapons, but doubt it

    Arms Micron CyLAS Breakdown - preordered
    Add-Ons: none, plan to get a dr. Wu hammer or another rhinohammer if it gets a seperate release, also same as Breakdown, modifyed cyberverse gun
  14. Grimlock_13

    Grimlock_13 Rattrap Teabag

    Dec 7, 2002
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    Boise, ID

    FE Optimus: 7.5/10
    FE Bulkhead (I have the Takara version): 9/10
    FE Arcee: 7/10
    FE Bumblebee: 4.5/10
    FE Cliffjumper: 8/10
    Wheeljack: 6/10
    Ratchet: 5/10
    Hot Shot: 5/10


    Megatron: 8/10
    FE Starscream: 8/10
    Soundwave: 6/10
    Knockout: 4/10
    Airrachnid: 3/10
    Dreadwing: 8/10
    Dead End: 7.5/10
    Takara Breakdown: 7.5/10
    Takara Vehicon: 8.5/10
    Takara Jet Vehicon: 8.5/10
    Takara Terrcon Bumblebee: 6.5/10
  15. Shockwave9227

    Shockwave9227 I'm actually 16.

    Aug 27, 2011
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    Mainline deluxe Wheeljack - 9/10
    Mainline deluxe Vehicon - 9/10
    First Edition Starscream - 8.5/10
    Mainline deluxe Arcee - 7.5/10
    First Edition Bumblebee - 6.5/10
    First Edition Cliffjumper - 7.5/10
    Mainline deluxe Knock Out - 7/10
    Mainline deluxe Hot Shot - 8/10
    Mainline deluxe Ratchet - 6.5/10
    Mainline deluxe Soundwave - 7/10
    Mainline deluxe Dead End - 8/10
    Mainline voyager Bulkhead - 7/10
    Mainline voyager Optimus - 7.5/10
    Mainline voyager Megatron - 5/10
    Arms Micron voyager Breakdown - 8/10
  16. WheelWave140

    WheelWave140 Hate's not cool, dudes!

    Jul 28, 2012
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    ^ You have the EXACT collection I do, + Vehicon
  17. Phantom6

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    Apr 19, 2012
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    RID Prime: 8/10 I REALLY hate the powerizer weapons, Primes is okay but a locking feature really needs to have been put in place and by the all spark is he annoying to transform.

    RID Arcee: 9.9/10 Freaking LOVE this toy. On model, great articulation, light piping makes her eyes glow 99% of the time shes in light.

    RID Ratchet: 9.0/10 Wonderful posability, good sculpt. So damn bland on the paint apps. Not terribly fond of the limp noodle weapons either.

    RID Wheel Jack: 9.5/10 Very cool figure, great mold good articulation. Just wish they'd given him his GD faction symbol.

    RID Bumblebee: 7.9/10 I think this rating is simply due to the fact that I see the poor little yellow bastard everywhere. He's a good figure with an easy transformation.

    RID CLiffjumper: 6.5/10 Bought it solely because I'm a screen completionist and I like musclecars, stupid hammer is stupid.

    RID Bulkhead: 8/10 Love this guy, he's big without being gargantuan, with the exception of the placement of his headlights in robot mode and that damn powerizer weapon he's golden.

    RID Megatron: 8/10 Like Optimus he's annoying to transform but Megs looks DAMN good towering over the deluxe cons and the fusion cannon is pretty sweet for a powerizer.

    RID SOundwave: 9/10 Love this guy. Easy transformation, wonderful articulation and nearly perfect match to the show model.

    RID Knockout: 8/10 I like him, but his mold could have been a little better.

    RID Starscream: -/10 Rating pending only just got him.

    RID Dread wing: -/10 Rating pending, only jsut got him

    RID Airachnid: 3/10 I REALLY want to like this figure but her botch bot mode jsut destroys it for me. Lovely Vehicle mode though.
  18. bignick1693

    bignick1693 Maximal

    Feb 26, 2010
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    This is only the main line stuff if I done cyberverse it would take months to write about.

    Fe voyager Optimus prime 9.5/10 : he is great but not perfect, close but not fully there. I think everyone should pick up the reissue when it comes out.

    Fe voyager Bulkhead 9/10 compared to the Prid it makes Prid look like crap (not calling it a bad toy it just a great toy compared to a good toy) besides some car mode issues like how the back won't stay together it great.

    Prid voyager Megatron 7.5/10 need to get dreadwing still but right now it my personal favorite non fe/am voyager. It has the best light bright weapon. But the paint scheme hurts it. I don't mind the grey plastic I just don't like the bronze.

    Prid deluxe Wheeljack 8/10 looks great next to any bulkhead. Has great weapon storge in both modes.

    Prid deluxe Soundwave 9/10 my fav deluxe, never found a vehicon yet. It just great pull of everything right.

    Soon im getting am breakdown and I am hunting down a vehicon, dreadwing, and knockout.
    Waiting for the reissues of most fe deluxes too.
  19. archieboy

    archieboy Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2011
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    Hong Kong
    FE Voyager Optimus Prime ("Shining", 2012 Tokyo Toy Show) 10/10 - Perfect to be left MISB

    FE Voyager Optimus Prime 9.5/10 - Not 10 only because he has the typical dull Hasbro color scheme

    AM Battle Shield Optimus Prime 8/10 - With the dark gray parts, better color scheme than AM-01 or the PRiD Voyager Optimus, but relatively loose joints make it difficult for him to hold poses
  20. Anguirus

    Anguirus Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2009
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    Mainline Decepticon Shelf

    Voyager Megatron
    He's imposing and his weapon, unlike every other figure of his type, is functional and worth displaying. The paint on his face is a nice touch. Those are really the only things to write home about though. His vehicle mode is very disappointing compared to the Deluxe, his colors are ugly and only just adequate to say "Megatron." Also, the figure is saddled with the light-up gimmick that doesn't even do what it is SUPPOSED to do. And his extra weapon is...there. 4/10, but recommended because he's an adequate representation of a great character.

    Deluxe Knock Out
    More and more people are coming around to the thought that this figure is a gem in disguise. I heartily agree, and yet, it's just bitter to think about what is missing in his deco. His weapon is a good sculpt but it does tend to come apart when you don't want it to, and it's a little short. His smirk is hilarious. His biggest flaw, if you want to call it that, is that hes more fun to pose and look at than to pick up and play with. 7/10

    Deluxe Vehicon
    I feel like when people look back and try to decide "What was good about Transformers in 2012?" many of them will imagine the Vehicon. His transformation is a perfect combination of simple and ingenious. I can't think of a flaw or inaccuracy in his design that isn't pure nitpicking. 10/10 Buy two, I did!

    Deluxe Soundwave
    An accurate rendering of a brilliant design, hindered only by an inherent posing limitation. Plus, he feels a little naked without tentacles! Still, his accessory has great value for a Deluxe and his transformation is totally fun. The dark color really successfully distracts from the visible robot mode details in plane mode. So successful as this character that it's hard to imagine as another. 8/10

    First Edition Deluxe Starscream
    This figure was what convinced me that the Prime franchise was something special. Creative transformation (on a Starscream!), compelling design, and one of the best headsculpts ever. But the chronically bent head-crest and the difficulty of balancing the thing hold it back. 8/10

    Mainline Autobot Shelf

    First Edition Voyager Bulkhead
    How did they DO this guy? Very involved transformation but the result is better than it has any right to be in both forms. Love his accurate armaments too. 9/10

    First Edition Deluxe Arcee
    A disappointment. I will keep her to finish off the First Edition Autobots, but you can't pose her worth a damn and her transformation is no fun, never do it. Looks nice and that's it. 4/10

    Deluxe Ratchet
    This is a solid, good figure, it just fails to excite me (other than by reminding me of Jeffrey Combs). I find myself wishing the scalpels would disappear seamlessly like Generations Wheeljack's wrenches. And the alt mode plays such a small role on the show, plus it's so blocky is actually looks weird. Still, no arguing with quality. 6/10

    Deluxe Wheeljack
    If you picked this figure up and didn't have fun, I don't understand you. Yeah Prime Wheeljack is a weird rendition of Wheeljack (but still awesome). But a great alt mode with multiple display options for accessories, a transformation so elegant it's like your hands do it themselves, WONDERFUL poses, sheaths for swords, great colors...an inspiring effort. 9/10, just wish it had grenade, gun, and Autobot badge.


    Jackhammer: This is what I wanted toys to be when I was a kid. Woosh! Pew pew! Love loading on the weapons and Commanders and lighting it up. If only Optimus Prime crammed in there. 9/10

    Wheeljack: He's ok. Points for the swords and ability to pass as his G1 self. 5/10

    Cliffjumper: As above, nice Classics compatibility. Plus, astounding transformation for the size. Also he should have come with the other Legion gun. 8/10

    Bumblebee: He sure is a Bumblebee. 5/10

    Vehicon: He's a car with legs who barely transforms. Good weapon...but it's a standard weapon! 3/10

    Breakdown: Great weapon and alt mode. Robot mode is only ok. I really respect the shoulder plugs to recreate his shoulder cannon, but it doesn't stay in very well. 5/10. Should probably be lower but for SOME REASON Fallback tempts me.

    Arcee: Her transformation is ok, but bike modes don't excite me and her robot mode honestly just seems faintly ridiculous. 4/10

    Optimus Prime: No complaints, solid truck mode, great weapons, imposing, wonderful sculpt, no chest cheating! Mine is flopsy though, and shame head isn't hidden better as a truck. 7/10

    Bulkhead: Not that exciting but a very respectable rendition of a challenging design. Truck is a little TOO "bulky." 7/10

    Ultra Magnus: A fun recreation/homage with an awesome weapon! Just as imposing as Optimus. Green eyes interesting choice. 8/10

    Dreadwing: Does not disappoint as first toy of this character! His weapons and weapon staorage are amazing in robot mode, only a little awkward in plane mode. Plane mode is great considering size and the sheer quality of the robot mode. Posable and full of character. Will look for his brother and his Voyager class. 9/10

    Ironhide: Love the interpretation they went with for this guy's design! Can't praise it highly enough, and the execution is solid too. 9/10

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