Rare and Not-so-Rare for Sale including HEADMASTER KRUNK

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    Fellow Transformers fans and collectors of Transformers toys as well as other toys!

    I visit this site (not the forum side) countless times a day, but I've never joined and posted at all before. I have recently decided to sell portions of my collections though and wanted to check with fans on forums first to see if anyone was interested before I went to other selling avenues. What follows is a mix of continuities but you'll find there are some pretty interesting items in here, including the headmaster figure "Krunk"! Please message me or email me and let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of them!


    Note- If you wish to see pictures of a particular item, feel free to ask! Some figures have held up fantastically, some haven't. Also, some of these are complete though I didn't type that they are. I made the list late last night while perusing ebay for prices.


    item - price

    snapdragon - 10
    snapdragon krunk - 40
    countdown set with box and instructions - 300
    prowl action master complete - 50
    g2 dinobots - grimlock, snarl, slag - 80-90
    g1 brawn - 10
    action master inferno - 10
    g2 sizzle - 10
    g2 devastator - 70-80
    g1 gears - 15
    g2 lazerbike - 20
    action master star scream - 40
    action master kickoff - 30
    target master pinpointer - 55
    Topspin - 5
    micromaster takedown - 7
    micromaster crumble - 3
    g2 hubcap - 30
    g2 bumblebee - 20



    item - price

    voltron - 50 - 60
    exosquad w/marsala - 60

    Beast Wars and M.A.S.K. toys to be listed by Thursday hopefully.
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    Can I see pictures of Snapdragon?

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