Fan Art: Random TF scribble game!! Show your skills!!

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by butz, May 8, 2006.

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    I thought this might be fun to try- its based on something me and a friend did back in school with some scribbles in his sketch book. Take the scribbles posted below print 'em out and draw on them, paint on them, load them into photoshop, whatever, and turn the scribbles into a completed Transformers image! Turn the scribbles into whatever you want (so long as its Transformers related) using whatever medium you want- you just have to use the scribbles, either as framework or otherwise incorporate them into the image!
    Theres not really one specific image we're aiming for; the point is just to see what you can come up with using some stuff thats already there. Theres also not a certain skill level we're shooting for either- just try your best.
    If this gets a good response, maybe we'll try it again sometime.

    The scribbles:

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