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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by oddobot, Jul 7, 2006.

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    Hey all,
    I have a bunch of stuff for sale or trade. Everything is currently boxed up as we are planning to move within the next 2 weeks. Well here is the merchandise. Thanks for looking!!!

    GI JOE's:
    Unmasked Storm Shadow (MAIL IN) Still in baggie
    Jinx 1987..All weapons
    Storm Shadow1986...No weapons
    Shockwave 1986...Has one Gun
    Snake Eyes 1989...No weapons
    Dr.Mindbender 1985...No weapons
    Falcon 1987

    Loose 3 Packs (2004)
    Serpentor*, Scrap Iron, Firefly..Weapons Included
    Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Red Ninja..Weapons Inc.
    * For some reason has 1986 date on the left leg??

    Random Figures are newer series:
    Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow 2 pack...Weapons Inc.
    Gen. Tomahawk...All Weapons Inc.

    NEW Masters Of The Universe
    Skeletor, Mekaneck, and TrapJaw

    Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Box Set. This is the Chase Version with "CLEAR" Invisible Woman and the Translucent Human Torch.

    I have also the following Transformers:

    Energon Insecticon
    Energon Arcee
    G1 TargetMaster NightStick(rare)

    I do have a CD copy of the original Transformers the movie soundtrack.

    I'll be listing more stuff once we get moved and I go through stuff and pick out what I do not want anymore.
    So keep your eyes open cause I might dig out something you need!!

    Thanks for looking!!
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    Pm sent.

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