Random parts for trade, Sea Con and Defensor plus.

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    Random parts for trade.

    Blue gun = Seacon/Piranacon Weapon

    Head = no clue whos that is.

    chest plates = for Defensor and the right side chest piece has a small dent where the sticker goes. If you had a sticker set for it you could just cover it up and it would never be seen. ( I will count this as one part)

    Left Fist = Defensor

    click to view.

    I will trade part for part. Here is my want list in return.
    Soundwave rocket launcher x's 1
    Soundwave rockets x's 3
    Grimlock missiles x's 3
    Buzzsaw left foot x's 1
    Buzzsaw left weapon x's 1
    Buzzsaw right weapon x's 1

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