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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by jame5y, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Right guys and gals, let me fill you in.

    As someone who has been following the fantastic work of customisers of TFs since finding TFMasters site, and FINALLY getting into it myself after all these years, I really want to give something back to all those customisers that have inspired me.

    I am primarily a graphic designer, well a graphic design lecturer now and I run something on the side called Ampersand.

    It's a creative magazine that pretty much promotes that sort of creative talent that isn't out there, that isn't well known or celebrity, and I strive to find lots of different things to include. I run it on my own, design it, write it and put it together with the help of contributors with text or images.

    And, i'd love to feature the Radicons in it! There are so many talented artists here and I think it would be great to include an article all about the customisers but to do that I need your help.

    If you would like to feature your work in the article, or putting some soundbites or even if I could get an interview that would be great!

    have a look at the magazine's website, take a read of the last issue, and please please get in contact!

    Ampersand Magazine - A Creative Showcase


    It would be great to work with you guys - I didn't know which forum this would be best in but i thought this is the most likely to be relevant!

    Cheers guys!

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    I love the idea and there a number of different aspects that could be focused on. Painters, modders, 3d modellers and moulders to name just a few, not to mention those who are inspired by the franchise to develop and contribute to 2d art whether their work is part of a community effort, like Transformers Mosaic or just solo work that draws people into interacting with a very active and healthy community. Each has their own aspect that they bring to the hobby. I'm not advanced enough to contribute anything, but there is some fantastic talent on these boards and I hope you get a good response. I'd love to read what may come out of it. In the meantime I'll get to reading your back issues.

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