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    Hey everyone, here's my new sale list! I figured I'd try to get rid of some things on here before I head off to eBay. All the MOC figures have been stored in a smoke free home in a closet, away from sunlight and humidity. All loose figures were on display on my shelves.

    It is all in great condition unless otherwise stated. Some packaging has some wear or dents in it, but the figures are all perfect! All prices are before shipping. Feel free to make me an offer if you feel anything is overpriced, as nothing is set in stone. I’m always willing to negotiate! :) 

    PM me if interested. I can provide pictures at request. Paypal is preferred!

    MOC Figures

    Masters of the Universe Classics
    Whiplash - $30

    S.H. Figuarts
    Takuto Tsunashi - $20
    Shinken Red w/ Kuroko - $30

    Zero (second ver.) x2 - $30 each
    (Both figures have been opened, but everything is complete and in like new condition. Both come in their packaging.)

    Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Form and Urataros - $30
    Kamen Rider Gaoh and Kintaros - $60
    Kamen Rider Zeronos and Deneb - $30
    Kamen Rider Den-O Liner Form and Kamen Rider Zeronos Zero Form - $35
    Negataros - $50
    Kamen Rider NEW Den-O (Opened, used for display, missing sword, has everything else) - $15

    GARO Equip & Prop
    Vol. 1 Garo and Kouga - $40
    (box has some cracking in the plastic, but the figure itself is in perfect condition and has never been opened. Damage to package is likely due to it being very rigid, and I had it under other things in storage.)
    Vol. 2 Zero and Rei - $40

    Armor Plus Samurai Troopers
    Tenku no Touma - $130
    (Set has been opened, but the figure has never had its armor applied or been taken out for display on my end. The figure was purchased used from Mandarake, so it's possible it may have been on display before.)

    Super Robot Chogokin
    GaoGaiGar (Opened to look at figure. Never got around to displaying him.) - $40

    Hokuto Musou Raoh - $40
    Hokuto Musou Rei - $30

    Play Arts Kai
    Dante - $80
    Arkham Asylum Batman - $40

    Mattel Club Exclusive Voltron
    Complete set of all 5 lions and pilots, plus exclusive Sven - $500 DLVD (A box big enough for the whole set is going to cost a TON to ship, so I'm just calling it even at 500 dlvd anywhere in the U.S.)

    DC Universe Classics
    Parasite - $10
    Steel - $35
    Ares - $25
    Red Robin - $20
    Swamp Thing (No un-men) - $30

    G.I. Joe Sigma 6
    Storm Shadow - $12

    EMSIA Zaku II - $20
    EMSIA Nu Gundam - $20

    Marvel Legends
    Bishop - $10
    Phoenix - $20
    Wolverine (Brown costume) - $25
    Hobgoblin (The Amazing Spiderman line) - $20
    Power Blast Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four movie line, phasing version) – $5
    Spiderman Fearsome Foes Box Set - $85
    Young Avengers Box Set - $30
    Complete Ronan Wave set of 8 - $200
    (Everything is MIB, except for the Human Torch figure. I opened it up to remove the Ronan part, but never got around to opening the others to assemble Ronan. The figure will come with Ronan’s leg, the packaging has just been opened.)

    Legendary Comic Book Heroes
    Witchblade - $12

    McFarlane’s Military
    Collector’s Club Accessory Pack - $35
    Army Ranger (African American version) - $10

    Castlevania Complete set of 4 - $50
    Assassin’s Creed Altair - $10
    Bioshock Ladysmith Splicer - $10
    Pirates of the Caribbean Cursed Pirate - $8
    Duke Nukem - $10

    DC Direct
    Nekron -$15

    Transformers Animated
    Lockdown -$5
    Bumblebee - $5
    Bulkhead (Voyager) - $10

    Transformers Alternators
    Meister - $30
    Dead End - $30

    Series 20 Overtkill III – $25
    Series 30 The Adventures of Spawn complete set - $30
    Collector’s Club Exclusive Adventures of Spawn Mammon - $15

    Star Wars
    Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Boba Fett (ROTJ Version) - $10

    Bespin Han Solo - $25

    Limited Edition Big Daddy Statue - $35
    (statue came with the first game’s limited edition release. Drill bit tip is chipped, as all were at release due to the packaging method.)

    Captain Harlock - $150

    My Little Pony
    SDCC 2012 Exclusive Derpy Hooves - $100

    Loose Figures

    Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Series 1 Complete set of 4 - $25

    200X Masters of the Universe
    Hordak Staction Figure - $10

    ESB Costume Boba Fett - $50
    (Will come with all packaging and the box unless you don't want it. Has small discolored spot near knee on uniform. I tried to re-glue the elastic strap to the kneepad. That succeeded, but I thought it was dry too early, and when I put it back it left a small bit of dried glue on the uniform. It might be able to be removed. I haven't tried for fear of ruining it further. It's not too noticeable thanks to its placement near the kneepad. Missile peg also snapped off jetpack. It has been glued back on, and is impossible to notice when looking at the figure, the missile is just no longer removable.)

    Misc. Transformers
    Also have 2 plastic tubs full of Transformers dating from G2 through Energon. Not sure what's in there, but I'm willing to take a look for items for anyone who has specific requests.
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    Huge updates!
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    Prices changed and new stuff added!
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