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    How do you clone Pokemon?

    Serebii.net's FAQ isn't loading on my comp, and a Google search results in a bunch of different results, some of them typed in so much "net speak" I can't understand WTF they're telling me.

    About the only thing they have in common is the Battle Tower, but I have no idea what to do after I get there.

    Thanks in advance.
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    there's a few videos on youtube too.
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    Precaution: Do not blame me if you mess up your game.

    You need to go to the battle frontier.

    1. Go to the last room on your right and there should be a computer at the end.deposit 5 pokemons that you want to clone into the computer.

    2. SAVE THE GAME!!

    3. Now withdraw those 5 pokemons you want to clone and go to the counter closest to the computer to compete in the battle tower (or whatever it is).

    4. Talk to the girl and she'll ask if you want to compete. Say yes and choose either Lv50 or the other one. (KEEP IN MIND, you can't use most of the legendaries, so at least 2 of the six pokemons has to be able to compete in the Battle tower for the cloning to work)

    5. Choose two pokemons that's eligible to compete.

    6. She'll tell you that you need to save the game. SAY YES TO THIS ONLY AND WAIT!!!!!

    7. Right after you say yes, the actual "do you want to save" question comes up. DO NOT ANSWER!!!! TURN OFF THE GAME RIGHT HERE!!!

    8. Turn the game back on. All your pokemons should still be in your party, and they should also be in your box. And you can start all over again.

    ***Note, You can actually clone 6 pokemons at a time, but one pokemon disapears. Let me explain:

    Let's say you have a Machamp, Houndoom, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Kyogre, and Groudon deposited in your box and have a Hoothoot in your party and saved the game. You can Withdraw Machamp, Houndoom, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Kyogre and Groudon and put Hoothoot into the box. And go and battle with Machamp and Houndoom and turn off the game. Now when you check, You'll have all those pokemons in your party and in the computer, but Hoothoot will be lost.

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