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    Hey there, fellow TFW2005 members! Galaximus Prime here with an interesting topic. Remember the super-rare, shiny metallic Automorphs that Bandai Of America put out for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, as well as the normal metallic figures that each stood about 5 inches in height? For those of you that don't, its cool. Quick overview here: BOA put out a set of Automorphs as a "Special Edition" to promote MMPR: The Movie. These figures were the same as the Series 1 & 2 Automorphs, but with 2 differences: 1. They had a metallic paintjob. And 2. Their arms are at a fixed position where they about 1-1/2 inches out from the body. You cannot place the arms at a "normal" position, without the fear of breakage. Just recently, I took apart the arm joints to see how they worked and if there's a way to fix them so they sit at a normal angle.

    Thankfully there is a way. Now, I know firsthand as a collector that most of us want to display our figures proudly. I prefer to line mine up with their weapons in hand. With the weird angle the arms were at, that was just not about to look pretty. So, here's a quick-fix tutorial, for those of you that wish to fix this issue. You will need:

    1. A small philips screwdriver.
    2. An exacto/hobby knife.
    3. Steady hands.

    Step one:
    Take one of the Automorphs and turn it so the back is facing you. You will see the back of the upper arms have one screw in them. Lets go ahead and remove this screw. Lay it off to the side, as you will need it later.

    Step two:
    Go ahead and take the upper arm apart. It should just split in half, and the lower arm will fall off. Set the lower arm to the side as well as the front part of the upper arm. Keep the back half of the arm on standby for step three.

    Step three:
    On the inside of the front upper arm half, you will notice there is a peg. You will also notice an O shaped piece that serves as the shoulder assembly for the Automorphin Ranger. This peg fits into a small hole in the assembly. The assembly is cut to a certain angle, so the arm can only rotate in and out so far. There is also a peg that holds the 2 halves of the arm to the shoulder joint. Lets leave that peg alone.

    Step four:
    Gently, very gently, break off the peg on the inside of the arm half. Then, shave the nub down so it leaves nothing from the peg.

    Step five:
    Finally, reassemble your figure's arm, and repeat the process on the opposite arm. Your figure will have improved movement/rotation of the arms, and won't look like it's ready to be crucified. Below are some photos of before and after, to help with your modifications!

    First off, a comparison photo of Metallic Armor Automorphin Tommy next to Series 1 Automorphin Jason, before modification. As you can see here in the pic, the figure's arms are horribly spaced out.
    MMPR Automorph Before.jpg

    Next off is a photo of the shoulder assembly I was talking about earlier.
    MMPR Automorph Shoulder Assembly.jpg

    Then we have a shot of the inside of the front half of the left upper arm. Turns out that little peg is on the inside of the front half, not the back half. If you look closely you'll see a normal small white area in the middle. That is where the peg was.
    MMPR Automorph Arm 3.jpg

    And last but not least, an image of the figure after his modifications.
    MMPR Automorph After.jpg

    As you can see in the final photo we went from horribly spaced arms to almost perfectly aligned arms. If you only have like 1 or 2 of the Metallic Automorphs, then it'll only take you about a few seconds to a couple of minutes to do this fix. If you have all 6 and the normal, non Automorph Metallic Armor figures, which look the same, then for all 12 figures, you'll be looking at around 30 minutes for modification. Overall, this is a simple mod. Hope you enjoy the before and after photos! Sorry for crappy photos as well, using a Microsoft Lifecam. Again, comments and questions welcome!

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