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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Seabringer, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Ok, forgive my ignorance here, but Im in the market to buy a convoy, as I must shamefully admit I still do not own a convoy figure.

    I was wondering what to buy, as I see there are many good looking figures available.

    I guess my question is: what is the difference between 20th aniv. Convoy and MP-01 and MP-04 Convoy? Also, are these figures worth the price tag?

    I also wanted to ask about the THS-Convoy... is this just a very small but super articulate figure? It looks very promising, but 4 inches seems so very small.

    If I were to go one direction, which should I get?

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    well, in supermode, ths-01 isn't much smaller than a deluxe. they are highly articulated, really highlydetailed, and diecast figures, with complex transformation schemes and a load of accessories I love both of them. 20th prime has short stacks and "battle damage" painted on, whereas mp1 has no battle damage and has long stacks like the original toy did. mp4 is mp1, but with a new masterpiece transforming trailer. If you don't have one, mp4 is the way to go. aftermarket trailers are 50-70 for a NONtransforming one, and 150 for a transforming one (and its just the original, but oversized). I expect the new one for mp4 to be MUCH better, similar to the one that comes with THS-02.
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    I think I'll suggest MP-04. It's certainly going to be the ultimate version by far. Quick rundown-
    MP-01 Long stacks, grey gun, no battle damage
    20th Prime- short stacks, black gun, battle damage painted on
    MP-04 same as MP-01 but with a trailer

    The one problem with all the figures (even moreso with THS-02) is the truck modes aren't that great. The MP alt mode is good but it's definitely the weakest point of the figure. The THS truck mode is just fugly.

    If size is an issue, THS-02 is certainly a worthy buy. Toss the jetpack on him and throw him up on his stand with the trailer in battle platform mode and it'll look great anywhere.

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