Questions Hasbro Can't answer in the Q&A - but that you'd still like answers too.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by RedAlert Rescue, Mar 8, 2010.

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    There must be plenty of things under that banner. of questions Hasbro can not provide answers too via he Q&A, I wonder if they'd answer any like those at a Botcon Panel though. (apart from the product submission one which is obviously legally something they can't easily deal with).

    I wonder if they'd commit to saying if Transformers:p rime is a development name or the actual name of the new TV series, and more to the point if Prime is 1) Just the name for no specific reason, 2) Because it's named after Optimus Prime. or 3) It's named after what in part the story is about the shows are kind of named like that in A.E.C. Armada=Minicons, Energon=Energy, Cybertron=Primus. Perhaps Prime='The Primes' ?

    I also wonder if they'd commit to questions like - Whatever happened to that Blurr repaint you promised us ? Since it was something they started in the 1st place.

    Or if the Swerve Mold is available to use in the future as part of the movie line - or a further promotion is possible for the mold in another color - did they even keep the mold ?

    Well Hypothetically- I'd like to ask if the Transformers crossovers brand could 'Hypathetically' be expanded into another Universe in the future - (Not just the obvious one of Gi Joe) - but other things like say Videogames or other big movie characters besides the marvel ones ?

    We do actually know a little about costs as they do actually talk about this to share holders - not very long ago they said they were going to save money or plastics through making things smaller, and on plastic & paper by using less packaging. - we've already seen some experimental changes in the way toys are secured in their boxes.

    Product Ideas... I totally understand that they can't take these and a Hasbro Q&A is hardly the forum for it anyway - but again if one knows that Hasbro holds a license one has to wonder if it's permisable to ask them if they ever plan to do anything with it - such as Thundercats, or M.A.S.K....

    Even if it's something tangental like are the new RPM's based on MASK, inspired by them or even a market test for their possible return/remaking ?

    Again the idea of not beingable to ask about redesign seems an odd one - a question for example that is specifically something i'd like to know is not the age old ones like when do we get a decent Galvatron.. but something like - when a toy has a flaw in it's design like Wreckage/Bludgeon's chest/ back clips - do they have a budget allocated for fixing it at some point.
    Or does such a flaw have a baring on why it's not got repainted such as 2007 Payload or Deluxe Galvatron who both exhibit a few problems.

    I'd also like to know how come they've managed to misassemble every single version of the ROTF Motorcycle scout so far made ? - everyone of them's got the wheels on wrong. with the brake calipers on the opposite side from the brake disk.

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